“North Korea prepares to launch new submarines at Sinpo Shipyard” [38노스]

Courtesy of Airbus DS/38 North

North Korea is preparing to launch a new submarine, 38 North, an American media specializing in North Korea, reported on the 21st local time.

38 North analyzed it this way, based on pictures taken by a private satellite company on the 18th, saying that six ships, including canal boats, gathered around the construction of the Sinpo Shipyard in South Hamgyong Province.

At the ship launching pier attached to the building, the railway and towing facilities necessary for boats to tow the submarine out to sea were also visible in the satellite image.

Boats and dry docks were often seen around the pier which was connected to the building, but this was the first time that six ships had assembled.

38 North found that preparations for the launch of the new submarine are likely to be in their early days.

The reason was that the boat was not visible in the photo from the Sinpo Shipyard on the 12th, reported by Beyond Parallel, a North Korean media outlet under the American think tank CSIS.

38 North analyzed that North Korea started building a new submarine, believed to be a ballistic missile submarine (SSB), in early 2016.

The Korean Central News Agency reported in July 2019 that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited the Sinpo Shipyard and inspected a newly built submarine.

The size and specifications were not disclosed at the time, but North Korean media interpreted Kim’s inspection as a sign that the new submarine was nearing completion.

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