North Korean media criticizes President Neng for the first time talking about Iran’s comments against the United Arab Emirates

Tongil Shinbo “They have declared themselves enemies of the Republic”

North Korean media criticized President Yoon Seok-yeol’s comments during his visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

On the 24th, the North Korean weekly magazine Tongil Shinmun reported President Yoon’s comments to the ARK unit sent to the UAE, saying, “The enemy of the UAE, the most threatening country, is Iran , and our enemy is North Korea.” Criticized.

This is the first time that North Korean propaganda media have mentioned President Yoon’s comments.

The Tongil Sinbo claimed, “Because of that word, you made an enemy in an instant. There is an uproar in South Korea, and the country in question is expressing anger by asking to clarify its position.”

He said, “The weightlifters declared with their mouths that they were enemies of the Republic in the face of the world.” Go changed.

“The enemy of the UAE, the most threatening country, is Iran, and our enemy is North Korea,” President Yoon said during a state visit to the UAE on the 15th.

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