North Korean Park Jeong-chun: “South Korea and the US will pay a terrible price if they try to use force”

Joint Korean-US ‘Vigilant Storm’ air drills followed by word bombs

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▲ North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attended and chaired the National Disaster Prevention Project meeting held in the capital Pyongyang on the 4th and 5th, Chosun Central TV reported on the 6th. The meeting was attended by Kim Deok-hoon, Cho Yong-won, and Park Jeong-cheon, members of the Political Bureau of the Political Bureau, as well as officials from the Central Committee, the Cabinet, Social Security, Justice, and the Office the Prosecutor. 2022.09.06. Chosun Central TV Catch News

Park Jeong-cheon, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Korean Workers’ Party, threatened on the 2nd that if South Korea and the United States used force against North Korea, “there would be a terrible price.”

Park Jeong-chun, a key member of the North Korean military, made this statement in a statement released through the Korean Central News Agency on the third day of the “Vigilant Storm” joint air exercise between South Korea and the United States.

“If the United States and South Korea fearlessly pray for the use of force against us, the special forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will carry out their strategic mission without delay, and the United States and South Korea faced a tremendous event and paid the most terrible price in history,” he said. It will pay,” he warned.

Specifically, he said, “I can see the number of fighters being mobilized for the joint air exercise ‘Vigilant Storm’ conducted by the United States and South Korea and the amount of training, but I think that ‘Desert Storm’, a brilliant operation. used during the invasion of Iraq in the early 1990s. Judging by its name, it is evaluated as an aggressive and provocative military exercise thoroughly aimed at our republic, “he said.

“The United States is mistaken,” he said.

“We are closely monitoring the current instability of the Korean peninsula, which has been created by the reckless military action of the United States and South Korea,” he said.

On the 31st of last month, South Korea and the United States started the ‘Vigilant Storm’ in which about 240 ROK and US military aircraft, including F-35A and F-35B, took part.

Reporter Lee Beom-soo

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