North Korea’s foreign ministry calls for a “provocation of anti-antagonism” in its plan to deploy British warships in the Asia-Pacific region

Britain’s newest aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth. EPA = Yonhap News

North Korea strongly criticized the UK’s plan to deploy warships in the Asia-Pacific region at all times and the approach of the new aircraft carrier ‘Elizabeth’ to the Korean Peninsula, calling it a “dangerous military action that will intensify the regional situation.”

On the 3rd, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted an article in the name of Chosun-Europe Association researcher Choi Hyun-do on its website, saying, “The UK, which is aggravating the situation by pushing warships into the distant Asia-Pacific region, is looking for an excuse in our ‘threat’ as a counterintelligence. It cannot but be a kind of provocation against us.”

When the UK announced last month that it would deploy two warships in the Asia-Pacific waters at all times by the end of the year, he came under fire in his personal name.

He was also wary of the approach of the Queen Elizabeth.

Researcher Choi said, “This announcement was made at the time when the aircraft carrier ‘Queen Elizabeth’ passed through the South Sea of ​​China in August to participate in a multinational joint military exercise led by the United States. “It will only lead to tensions in the already sensitive local situation,” he warned.

In May, the UK sent a carrier flyer centered on the latest aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth, to the Indo-Pacific region, and the carrier is scheduled to make a call to Korea and Japan next month after passing through the South China Sea.

Researcher Choi said, “When the British Defense Minister announced the above plan, Korea and China made an absurd bet that South Korea and China were trying to isolate Japan and South Korea and threaten freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region,” said Choi. It is said to be an attempt to create a favorable environment for realizing the ambition of building a ‘global UK’.”

He continued, “The days when the British Empire threatened many countries around the world with ‘inclusion diplomacy’ and colonized them at will have passed forever.” it was

There are many analyzes that the UK’s regular deployment of warships in the Asia-Pacific region and the dispatch of Queen Elizabeth are to contain China, so the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ article is also interpreted as taking the side of China, its ally.

China claims sovereignty over the South China Sea, but Britain and others are emphasizing that this area is high seas through the ‘freedom of navigation’ operation.

Reporter Lee Ji-young [email protected]


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