North Korea’s Kim Yo-jong’s UN Security Council satellite discussion unpleasant… launch duration

Kim Yo-jong, Vice Minister of the Workers’ Party of Korea. [사진=연합뉴스]

Kim Yeo-jeong, Vice Minister of the Workers’ Party of Korea, argued that the UN Security Council’s discussion of North Korea’s launch of a military reconnaissance satellite was “blasphemy and distortion of the spirit of the UN Charter.”

In a statement released on the 4th by the Chosun Central News Agency, Vice Minister Kim said, “I am very displeased that the Security Council is taking issue with North Korea’s exercise of its sovereign rights as the US does.”

On the 31st of last month, North Korea launched a space launch vehicle, claiming it was a military reconnaissance satellite, but it failed to fly properly and crashed into the West Sea. North Korea’s satellite launch constitutes a violation of a Security Council resolution in that it uses ballistic missile technology. In response, the Security Council convened a public meeting on the 2nd (local time) to discuss the related response.

Vice Minister Kim argued that the Security Council’s sanctions on North Korea were unfair. He emphasized, “We have never acknowledged illegal sanctions resolutions at any time, and this position will never change even if we apply it a hundred times a thousand times in the future.”

Vice Minister Kim made it clear that he would continue launching military reconnaissance satellites. Vice Minister Kim predicted, “Until the United States and its followers feel bored and admit that their choice was wrong, we will consistently respond strongly and continue to do what we need to do.”

North Korea also protested that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted a resolution condemning North Korea’s missile launch for the first time in history. In particular, North Korea expressed its position that it may not notify the IMO in advance even if it launches a satellite in the future.

The news agency warned, “As the IMO responded by adopting an anti-republican resolution to our satellite launch advance notification, we will consider this as an official statement of the organization’s position that our advance notification is no longer necessary.”

He threatened, “In the future, the IMO will have to take its own measures for the duration of the satellite launch and the drop point of the carrier, which we will proceed with.”

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