North Korea’s type 17 unit separation area video also released an imminent Summit launch

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North Korea broadcast an extensive video yesterday, saying it was training to launch the ‘Hwasong-17’ intercontinental ballistic missile.

In the launch video edited like a scene from a movie, North Korea showed the separation of the missile for the first time.

They even released photos of Earth taken from missiles.

Chairman Kim Jong-un visited his daughter Kim Joo-ae again this time, and predicted additional provocations.

Reporter Jeong Dong-hoon will tell you.

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A huge missile mounted on a mobile launch vehicle is lifted vertically, and the countdown begins.

The missile shoots up with a tremendous roar, blowing flames.


″An entity of absolute and overwhelming power ascends vigorously.″

This is the launch scene of the Hwasong-17 ICBM released by North Korea.

However, some of the rockets fell into the air, and this scene was captured on the ground as well.

It is the separation of the first stage driver, and it is the first time that North Korea has revealed the scene of separation.

Unusually, several images of Earth captured by a camera mounted on a missile were also released.

[박원곤/이화여대 북한학과 교수]

“This is deemed to be an act to demonstrate that they have the “capability to sufficiently strike the United States” through satellite imagery.”

This time, Chairman Kim Jong-un, who visited the launch site with his daughter Kim Ju-ae, raised the threat level by saying, “I will strike fear into the enemy.”


“The more the anti-DPRK military agitation continues and expands, the more serious the irreversible threat to them will reach…″

Although North Korea has mentioned the ROK-US joint exercise as a direct reason for this ICBM launch, the possibility of launching the next phase is still possible as it has demonstrated its technological capability.

[신종우/한국국방안보포럼 상임연구위원]

″Since the high angle launches have been successful twice in a row, the chances of firing at normal angles are quite high.″

Amid North Korea’s provocation, South Korea and the United States will complete large-scale maneuver exercises such as air infiltration and landing by the 23rd, followed by a large number of exercises involving US strategic assets such as aircraft carriers.

This is Jeong Dong-hoon from MBC News.

Video commentary: Lee Joo-young / Video editing: Park Byeong-geun