‘Northern’; Upcoming Malayalam supernatural thriller that beats Hollywood

Script and dialogues by Unni A. Bijipal composes music.

The crew of the movie ‘Vadakan’

“Vadakan”, India’s first supernatural thriller to be produced in international standard Malayalam, is in the works. Starring Kishore and Shruti Menon in lead roles, the film is a Bharat venture based on Dravidian mythology and legends. The film will hit the theaters with state-of-the-art digital technology, graphics, sound and picture arrangements.

Producers Offbeat Studios plan to have a technical quality that beats Hollywood even though it is set in Kerala. Vadkanka will be a film that Malayalees, outside Kerala and foreigners alike can enjoy. Offbeat is a media company that has captured the attention of the audience through many web series and films over the past two years. Vadkan is Offbeat’s first independent venture.

The film is produced by Jaideep Singh, Bhavya Nidhi Sharma and Nusrat Durrani for Offbeat Studios. Directed by Sajeed A. The sound design is done by Oscar winner Rasul Pookkutty. The Japanese cinematographer, Keiko Nakahara, moves the camera. Script and dialogues by Unni A. Bijipal composes music. World renowned Pakistani singer Zeb Bangash sings a song in the film. The film also has the best graphics teams in India and abroad.

Offbeat Media, a new generation media and entertainment company, has come forward to invest in such a big experimental film in Malayalam. The company’s founders, Jaideep Singh, Bhavya Nidhi Sharma and Nusrat Durrani, have previously held key positions at MTV, Viacom 18, Sea TV and the BBC. With them the best creative content in Indian cinema today. There is branding, marketing and team.

Offbeat Media strives to discover and film diverse stories rooted in the diverse cultural traditions of India. The film Vadkan is sure to be a milestone in establishing Kerala’s presence on the international cinema map. Thrilling visuals, sound and music await the audience. The film, which is being made in Malayalam, is currently being dubbed in Kannada as well. There are plans to release the film in other regional languages ​​as well.


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