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You can play all the target software of Nintendo Switch for a limited time.Nintendo Switch Online subscriber-only event “Issei Trial”
Last year in 2021, so many games appeared in the trial all at once.
Maybe there was a game of the genre that I played for the first time because of the trial.
Moreover, most titles cannot be cleared or played during the holding period, so the series of steps up to the point of purchasing at the sale held at the same time is “Issei Trial”, isn’t it?
Of course, it’s 2022, so it’s not that it won’t be held anymore.The first trial in 2022 has already been decided!

Golf RPG “Golf Story” is here!

Flyhigh Works’ golf RPG “Golf story“is!
The hero who once gave up on becoming a professional golferTo challenge a professional dream againIt is a story that grows up by meeting various people and events.
However, you cannot become a professional just by being good at golf.
Mowing, disc golf, drone maneuvering, zombie extermination, etc.Things that don’t seem to be related to golfYou also need to.
So instead of “golf games”Golf RPGThat’s why.
The essential golf is not only a normal course, but also an island, covered with ice, and animals get in the way.A course that is not straightforwardJust.
Let’s overcome various challenges and become a professional golfer!

For more information about “Golf Story”, please check the Flyhigh Works official website!

Nintendo homepage

The trial period of “Golf Story”January 7, 2022 (Gold) 12:00 ~ January 14, 2022 (Gold) 17:59About a week.
To participate, see “Golf Story” on the Nintendo eShop “Golf Story” page of the My Nintendo Store or Nintendo Switch.Issei trialJust download the data from the item “!”
You will be able to play during the target period.
There are many golf games, but few people have played the genre of golf RPGs!
Please take this opportunity to experience a unique genre!

Of course, the sale will be held this time as well!

Along with the trial, the sale that is almost held will be held again this time!
Where the target title “Golf Story” is usually 1,500 yen (tax included)33% off 1,000 yen (tax included)You will be able to purchase at.
There will still be New Year’s presents! If you like playing in a trial, please consider it!
The sale period isJanuary 7, 2022 (Gold) 12:00 ~ January 23, 2022 (Sun) 23:59It has become. Please note that the regular price will be applied before the sale starts.
Please check the Nintendo website for details!

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