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Not abandoned, liver; Anne Shiva is now an action hero Anie Siva

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Varkala (Thiruvananthapuram): SP Annie Siva, 31, who was abandoned by locals and her family and had to take to the streets with her baby, is returning as the new woman sub-inspector of the Varkala police station.

Annie’s story is about a 19-year-old girl who was left behind by her family after a life partner. When Annie, a young mother from Kanjiramkulam, was rejected by everyone, she spent some time with her child at a relative’s house.

Stayed alternately in several places. A lot of work has been done. Attempts to make a living by selling lemonade and ice cream during the Sivagiri pilgrimage as an insurance agent and delivering essentials from house to house were not always successful but failed. In the meantime, she joined an exam training center with the dream of getting a government job with a degree in sociology.

Annie Siva joins her son Shivasurya as the new woman sub-inspector of Varkala police station

The desire to become a police SI has finally been possible for more than ten years. Anne’s SI is coming to the same place where she used to sell ice cream and so on.

He first appeared for the SI exam in 2014 but passed the CPO exam first. He was on duty at the SAP camp for three years. Wrote the SI exam again. Elected in 2019. He arrived in Varkala with his first appointment a few days after his probation in Kochi. Shivasurya, the son of a seventh grader, is a school student in Thiruvananthapuram.

English Summary: Women sub inspector Anie Siva


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