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Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that there is no basis for concern over the amendment in the Police Act. The Chief Minister said in a statement that he was not against freedom of expression and impartial journalism. The Chief Minister’s explanation came after concerns were raised that the amendment to the Police Act implemented by the Kerala government to curb cyber attacks would be confined to all media. The notification states that it applies to all means of communication, not to mention cyber media. With this, the police have been given the power to amend the law to file a case against anyone who complains that the news is fake.

Meanwhile, the CPM central leadership interacted with state leaders following the controversy over the police amendment. He suggested that precautionary measures be taken to prevent threats to freedom of expression and freedom of the press. There are assessments that the provisions of the Police Amendment Act are contrary to the declared policies of the party.

Statement by the Chief Minister: The new police law amendment will not be used in any way against free speech or impartial media activity. Concerns to the contrary are unfounded.

The state government has been receiving constant complaints about the abusive use of social media, especially some personal channels. Among those who complain are socio-cultural figures.

Many families are victims of such attacks. It often turns out to be an attack and a crackdown on everything from lies to pornography. Personal interests and political and non-political interests should not be allowed to be used for revenge in a way that disrupts the peaceful lives of families. Cyber-attacks are causing catastrophic disasters in many places. Such attacks, which are carried out in defiance of what the victims have to say, are not media coverage but personal retaliation. Often the motive behind this is evil to make money.

In addition to media freedom, the government has a responsibility to protect the individual liberty and dignity guaranteed by the Constitution. There is a popular notion that one’s freedom ends where another’s nose begins to rust. It’s free, but it’s free to go beyond the other’s nose. But there are situations where this is constantly violated.

Individual freedom should not be compromised under the guise of media freedom or media freedom under the guise of individual freedom. The government has an obligation to maintain both freedoms. It is in this context that arrangements and restrictions against the denial of the dignity of the individual in any name are emerging at the international level in modern times. The only amendment to the police law is the restrictions that go with it.

The dignity and dignity of the individual are important in a civilized society. That, in turn, has constitutional protection. The government has an obligation to ensure that it is complied with. The traditional media generally operate within these constitutional boundaries. However, some individual channels are sneering at those constitutional provisions and creating an atmosphere of anarchy. This will subvert the social order itself, and it cannot happen.

Anyone is free to make any strong criticism within the confines of the Constitution and the legal system. The new amendment will not affect that freedom in any way. In a good sense, no one can see the violation of freedom in this. Only those who think that their freedom is the destruction of the lives of others can see the violation of freedom in this. And that does not allow a civilized population in the world.

The government cannot afford to ignore the fact that those responsible for suicides and defamation can lead to suicide. The media and civil society need not be concerned about this move to protect the dignity of the individual and the right to a clean life. The amendment contains provisions subject to all provisions protecting media freedom and individual liberty. The amendment also comes in the wake of cyber-attacks on women and transgender groups. The Government will definitely consider the positive comments and suggestions that may be made on this amendment.

English Summary : Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan on Police act amendment



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