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  • Mint Arunrat, the main center of the song, not near, not far

The Glass Girls and in addition to the melody, lyrics and Mv at Cute Feel Good What is interesting is that The choreography of the song is not near, not far away.which is very cute It is a choreography that is strong, emphasizing arms and legs, with a beautiful flowing movement. The more the 9 sisters dance together, it is unity and the most beautiful line. You can see that the children are very diligent and focused on this work. Just say one word, you won’t be disappointed! 👏🏻 If any of your friends are dancing legs, they can Enter the dance and make some great content at Tiktok ChallengeCan we get together! and don’t forget to use hastag #Not near, not far from the challenge Together ☺️🫰🏻

Channel to follow 9 members of The Glass Girls

  • 1.) Mint Arunrat

Instagram : @mint.theglassgirls

Facebook : Mint The Glass Girls

2.) Pearl Supitchaya

Instagram : @kaimook.theglassgirls

Facebook : Kaimook The Glass Girls

  • 3.) Ew Iw Phacharanamon

Instagram : @eiweiw.theglassgirls

Facebook : Eiweiw The Glass Girls

  • 4.) Lemon Pimmada

Instagram : @manow.theglassgirls

Facebook : Manow The Glass Girls

  • 5.) Jaja Chirawadee

Instagram : @jajah.theglassgirls

Facebook : Jajah The Glass Girls

  • 6.) Ai-Chang Nannaphat

Instagram : @aichan.theglassgirls

Facebook : Aichan The Glass Girls

  • 7.) New Warisara

Instagram: i ni.theglassgirls

Facebook : Ni The Glass Girls

  • 8.) Praew Thissanamdee

Instagram : @praew.theglassgirls

Facebook : Praew The Glass Girls

  • 9.) Babe Natcha

Instagram : @babe.theglassgirls

Facebook : Babe The Glass Girls

How to follow The Glass Girls

Facebook : The Glass Girls

Instagram : @theglassgirls.official

Youtube : The Glass Girls Official

Tiktok : @Theglassgirlsofficial

Twitter : @TheglassgirlsTH

How are you doing for not far away music A collection of cuteness The Glass Girls have to say that in this new song, this song of the kids is another very cute single. The rhythm and melody are outstanding. Good song content, Production, beautiful, very helpful~ Also, each of the members of The Glass Girls are cute and bubbly and have their own uniqueness. friends can listen to music not near not far got it today via Youtube : The Glass Girls Official#not far away#Theglassgirls#TGG

  • Cover image credit by @theglassgirls.official

cover photo

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@theglassgirls.official : Picture 1 / Video 1 / Picture 11 / Picture 12 / Picture 13 / Picture 14 / Picture 15 / Picture 16 / Picture 17 / Picture 18 / Picture 19

The Glass Girls : Picture 2 / Picture 3 / Picture 4 / Picture 5 / Picture 7 / Picture 8 / Picture 9 / Video 2 / Video 3 / Picture 10

@mint.theglassgirls : Picture 6 / Video 4

  • Video credit for the article by The Glass Girls Official.

Not near, not far – The Glass Girls [ Official MV ] [4K]

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– Song Mew Suphasit in the Mv Don’t Have to Try of The Glass Girls, handsome and smooth through the screen

– Shine on the cuteness of The Glass Girls in the song ‘Don’t Come’, the newest single that made me fall in love 💘 #Theglassgirls

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