Not for Barca, Lionel Messi for America; League club Inter will play in Miami Lionel Messi joins Premier League Football club Inter Miami refuses to return to Barcelona – News18 Malayalam

News18 Malayalam | June 08, 2023, 09:16 AM IST

There were many rumors about the transfer of Messi who left PSG


Buenos Aires: The great footballer Lionel Messi is not returning to Barcelona. There is no Al Hilal club in Saudi Arabia. The Argentine star will now play for Premier League club Inter Miami in the USA. The player reached an agreement with the club.

There were many rumors about the transfer of Messi who left PSG. In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Messi confirmed his move to Inter Miami.

Inter Miami has given Messi a new offer, beating the Spanish club Barcelona and the Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal, who were in the field for the player.

Inter Miami is a football club owned by former England legend David Beckham. According to the report, Beckham had discussed this with Messi months ago.

Miami has made an offer of $54 million (about Rs 445 crore) per year for four years to Messi. Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal had a huge offer for Messi who left French club PSG. Al Hilal offered around Rs 3270 crore for Messi.

Later, Barcelona also came forward for the star. Last day, Messi’s father and football agent, Jorge Messi, had a discussion with the president of Barcelona, ​​Yohan Laporte. Jorge Messi also responded after this meeting that Messi wants to return to Barcelona.

But Barça have yet to make an offer to Messi. La Liga’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules have been a stumbling block for Barca and Messi so far. These rules are mainly intended to prevent clubs from spending more than they bring in and going bankrupt.

According to the rules, no club can spend the transfer amount on player transfer and fee. Messi’s return to Barca is uncertain at the time when FFP rules cannot be met in 2021.


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