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Original title: Not good!Tyson, 56, shows up slowly on crutches for the first time since announcing he will die soon

What happened to the boxer Tyson?

Just a few days ago, in an interview with the media, he revealed that his body had a condition:“When I looked in the mirror, I saw those little black spots on my face, which also meant my expiration date was approaching, yes, soon!”

Tyson confirmed that he will die soon.

This year56 years oldTyson, who has achieved countless glory in the boxing world, after retiring, Tyson often occupies the main position of the media. In the past two years, Tyson has also tried to come back and re-enter training, and his strong muscles have returned to the boxing champion again.

Therefore, netizens will be skeptical about Tyson’s prediction that he will die soon, and more netizens think that Tyson’s prediction is just for the sake of attracting people’s attention and grandstanding.

What are the facts?

On Saturday night, U.S. time, Tyson appeared at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, to watch UFC 277 live.

In front of Tyson, there is a cane, Is the crutches just Tyson’s ornament? The answer is still no.

Last Wednesday, Tyson was photographed on the streets of New York walking towards a hotel. Compared with Tyson, who was still moving freely last month, the boxing champion in front of him did not notice the media shooting.

Alone on crutches, he moved forward slowly and with difficulty.Tyson put most of his weight on crutches.Seeing the reporter’s filming, Tyson smiled a little embarrassedly

Judging from Tyson’s walking posture, perhaps, his body really turned on a red light!Return to Sohu, see more


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