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Not just a coach

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In Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s office at Carrington, there’s a large board pasted on the wall. There are seven rules of his work written as a reminder:

1. “Game management”
2. “Simple and efficient”
3. “Do the simple things well and with pride”
4. “Go and do your magic” (Go and make your magic happen)
5. “Play for your team”
6. “Worked a whole year”
7. “Take pride in being the BEST YOU”

Sadly, at the back, we hardly see all 7 things happening with Seoul Tea and his team, even the source of the separation between him and the club. Manchester United beloved

Not just a coach

that tragedy Vicarage Road last saturday is the last straw that Seoul Tea have to end the role amid the relief of the ghost fans who see It should be over.

Seventh defeat of 13 games in all competitions. And it marks the fourth defeat of the last five Premier League games. It was beyond a team like United to accept.

They concede goals unbelievably easy. He was lured into the target until he was second only to teams at the bottom of the table like Newcastle and Norwich.

football used to be fun It turned out to be an agonizing game for the United supporters.

After being stung by a rampant hornet until he was swollen Seoul Tea He stumbled to apologize to a group of supporters who had been pushing to cheer in the away team stand. before receiving a huge booing sound back until his ears were numb

At that moment, he must have realized that Hero status that was worshiped on the shelf from what he did for 11 years as a player and another 5 and a half years as a coach for the small and first team. It doesn’t help any more.

He has made his fans happy many times. On a day when the sky is gray But today his sky was a bit dull. There was no one who could reach out to help him.

but Seoul Tea still trying to be Seoul Tea Everyone’s original good person

He tried to force a smile of joy in spite of the pain. before walking back into the tunnel To prepare for an interview after the game with the media as the team manager

He came over to shake his head. Tom Cleverley who used to take care of each other when they were young people with affection before being hit by a mobile phone camera Ben Foster Another United ex-boyfriend asked to record a picture for a private YouTube channel.

Not just a coach

then Seoul Tea went to stand and wait Claudio Ranieri Interview admiring Khun Phon’s masterpiece Watford Done, then speak with the media as usual.

In the away dressing room, it was reported that some of the staff started pouring clear water. flowing out of the eye It’s like knowing the future This would be the last match of the Viking Master. while the owner still keeping symptoms and packed up from Vicarage Road and boarded the coach bound for Luton Airport.

As soon as the iron bird landed at Manchester, the news that the destiny of the United manager Seoul Tea has been judged successfully and has spread The press army waited to meet him at the airport. As he hurriedly threw himself into the car, the Range Rover headed home to rest. But the cameraman released the shutter to record a sad face. behind the steering wheel

Less than 24 hours later, an order from above was publicly announced that Seoul Tea Officially retired as United manager…

168 games, 92 wins, 35 draws, 41 losses and 0 trophies.

The Vikings coach has led the team to run this far. Over a period of nearly three years on the position

Yes, he was another mistake for United in the post-successful era. Sir Alex Ferguson used to conjure up after David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho

but at the same time The person who should be held accountable is the club board. who has absolute power to make every decision, but manages like a person who doesn’t know anything about football

Instead of daring to make decisions faster Instead, they let the problem be prolonged and chronic. until it contributed to one of the legends of the club having to close the scene like a bruise is us

after the end of the game Liverpool Invaded Carrington 5-0 last month, the next morning, nothing happened. The atmosphere at Carrington was still in turmoil while the club Confirm plans for the team to rest training in the middle of the week. before waiting until Tuesday evening or 48 hours after the phenomenon “Cahome Five Five Five” Issued a statement confirming support for Sol Cha

If they were real children should know that It’s time to stop because if you let go It would be like a time bomb waiting for work… Boom… and it’s going to be a mess.

Maybe with a soft personality that seems “pliable” of Seoul Tea that makes the board try to hold his time to protect yourself especially the legendary status that ghost fans love Should help cover, or at least can reduce the shock from the cheerleaders who come to them in spite of the fact He doesn’t look like a manager who can elevate United against ever-growing standards of competition.

Seoul Tea Never tampered with above, not naughty, not stubborn, and naive.

Let’s talk to the extent that Seoul Tea submit Dan James Enter the field as a real find Wolfs At the beginning of the season before the Welshman was sold. Leeds just two days later According to the request from above who wants to call the price for profit

Yes Seoul Tea is a good person that ghost fans love a football player gift It’s a good friend of old friends. who turned himself into a critic until some people didn’t dare to shuffle the team outright because they were considerate

He can use personal connections to buy players’ hearts. Paul Pogba who often have problems but can intend to show the work under the guidance of Seoul Tea which have been taking care of each other since they were children

but at the same time cheering for a player It makes many other players can’t help thinking that. Why are you being treated unfairly?

There are many news leaks from the dressing room such as Eric Baiyi ever asked Seoul Tea Frankly, why didn’t he get a chance to play against the field? Lester but as a captain Harry Maguire who has just shaken off the pain and is still not 100% fit, Jesse Lingard Not happy with being overlooked in spite of that works while on loan with West Ham super bang, Diogo Dalot Revolving with the question of why Aaron Wan Bissaka To get every chance?, Axel Tuanzebe I felt very lonely since missing the game against Basaksehir, Brandon Williams I wonder why he wasn’t loaned out at the beginning of the year. including the case of Donny Van de Beck

Not just a coach

This is if Dean Henderson doesn’t have COVID-19. We still don’t know if David de Gea will show such a smooth form. After experiencing a crisis of confidence in the 2020-21 season.

Solcha is good-natured. “Mr. Nice Guy” that everyone loves, but from what is seen and possible I must admit that He’s not a good manager.

I believe that many people can see it, but why can’t the board of directors see it?

Back in last year, it was said that before the game that Spurs were thrashed 6-1 at home, Mourinho & his team could have guessed with absolute certainty that the face of United’s 11 real generals would come out. who is on the shore “Red Devil” I’m not sure yet. Son Heung-min Fit enough or not, having to wait for the investigation from the reporter Until I got the information before kicking just one day that The ginseng power star has a name attached to the army as well. But even then, until they survived, they could not stop. “Ason” that can penetrate up to two tablets

first period works Seoul Tea It might look good, but over time team work Manchester United The seizures are too big for him. Just the heart is really not enough.

He is the solution to immediate problems. It’s not a person who can leave a ghost for a long term.

Executives should recognize that the team Manchester United You have to aim for trophies in every season you play. It’s not just asking for a step forward.

Four years without trophies and eight years apart from the Premier League champions It’s been a long time

As a ghost fan, I admit that I was deeply moved. When I saw the clip of the interview Seoul Tea which is long after the end of his position that he uses the word “It’s a great honor” that used to act with clear water overflowing in the eyes

But more emotionally affected by the management of the board of the Manchester United club, this set, led by the owners like them.Glazer, Ed Woodward Executive Vice President and Richard Arnold that was put up instead “Brother Ed” Which is scheduled to step down soon after doing good things about the founding of the Super League

Hmmm… I rubbed my eyes and couldn’t find any names that ghost fans can expect to know about football games, especially “Brother Ed” who used to be recklessly defined by a subordinate to the local media as “People who know nothing in the world of football” while some people in this line dubbed it “Ed Ae”

Not just a coach

These are the people that have been overlooked. Antonio Conte When it’s free, I don’t care Mauricio Pochettino that kicks dust for up to 13 months, including Thomas Tuchel non-affiliated period But I’m happy to see a little improvement from a coach who doesn’t have a voice.

Could it be better? If you sweep your eyes to see the names of former players like Edwin van der Sar or Patrice Evra on the executive list Or someone who understands and has extensive experience in football. Not only meet the former bankers. Or a businessman who specializes in commercial work deals.

Someone who can be a great partner to the team manager. and holding hands leading the team in the right direction like at one time “Fergie” had David Gill

This minute, it’s not just the new coach, the ghost fans want. But the executives who also speak the language of football.

Otherwise, Manchester United will be in a loop like this.

Pao Phi

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