Not sad! Honda City racing girl hit the back of a patrolman, seriously injured, 2 people blow alcohol up 190 still style (watch the clip)

Netizens flock to share inappropriate behavior clip Drunken foot girl Blowing up alcohol to 190 after driving a sedan. Motorcycle police patrol Phra Khanong police station, 2 injured

from the case of a young woman racing a Honda City sedan, Chaiyaphum registration Collision with a patrol motorcycle at Phra Khanong Police Station, causing 2 police officers to be knocked out of a taxi, seriously injured. Kluaynamthai Hospital Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police inspects the symptoms and offers financial assistance and later found the girl who committed the crime had a drunken driving condition Blowing alcohol 190 as presented in the news

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Today (December 5), the page “Phan Lai Rabbit” posted a video clip. The girl who caused the incident, stated that “Blowing alcohol for 190, still very playful, the incident occurred in front of Century Department Store (under the On Nut BTS station) today (4 Dec. 64) at around 00.30 while the two police officers Mr. Driving a patrol motorcycle, license plate number 27005, inspecting the area along Sukhumvit Road (outbound) with Pol. Lt. Gen. Watchara Somsee as the driver and Pol.Major Kishna Phothichan as the driver. Pillion Upon arriving at the scene There was a Honda car, City model, bronze-grey color, registration number KT 5482, Chaiyaphum, with Ms. Saranya Chawieng (known later) as the driver. follow behind Then hit the back of the motorcycle of the police patrol officer. crashed into a taxi car Green, yellow, registration number 429, Bangkok. Damaged and caused injuries to both police officers.

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