(not) secret tips, get ready before doing “vitro fertilization”

“Preparing the uterine wall” completely and ready for the embryo implantation is an important step of the IVF process. Either from IVF or ICSI, if you are well prepared, your chances of getting pregnant are high.

“Kru Koi” Natcha Loychusak, science teacher, infertile advisor and founder of the page. revealed that in the IVF process, the important thing is to prepare the uterine wall to be ready and complete. before the embryo is transferred into the uterine cavity The integrity of the uterine wall is appropriate, indicating that it has a thickness of 8-10 mm, but should not be thicker than 14 mm, arranged in 3 beautiful layers (Triple lines), smooth surfaces, clearly visible center lines, clear as jelly, clean, not dense. Overlaid with old menstruation and the uterus with adequate blood flow. There are two methods for preparing the uterine wall: supplementing with nutrition and using estrogen pills.

Teacher Koi also revealed that Problems of the uterine wall of infertile people who come to consult Teacher Koi on the page. And from the research studies that are common, there are 3 cases as follows: thin uterine wall, thick uterine wall and rough, uneven uterine wall This can be caused by many factors. But the problem can be treated with nutrition. and use hormonal drugs to help correct

Kru Koi also explained that for the problem of thin uterine wall, it may be caused by less blood flow to the uterus, a deficiency of the luteal phase. , have abnormal estrogen hormones This could be from ovarian degeneration or stop working. The estrogen is not enough to stimulate the lining of the uterus to thicken. or inadequate nutrition Unhealthy diet What can help is 1. Eat protein from plants. Reduce refined carbs, but eat complex carbs such as grains such as poppy, millet, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, etc. 2. Balance the hormone eating foods rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids such as Freshly squeezed kaffir lime juice

(not) secret tips, get ready before doing “vitro fertilization”

Teacher Koi also said that for thick uterine wall problems Caused by incomplete detachment of the uterine wall causing the old menstruation to remain The deposition results in insufficient blood flow to bring nutrients to the uterus. There are 3 steps to fix it:

1. “Drink safflower tea.” A helper to clear the old menstruation that has accumulated by taking it continuously for 7-10 days

2. “Drink black ginger” increase the warmth of the uterus make blood flow better increase blood oxygen This allows the blood to flow and bring nutrients to the uterus fully.(not) secret tips, get ready before doing “vitro fertilization”

and 3. “Detox the uterus” with Castor Oil Pack to flush out residual toxins Helps improve uterine health create good health for the ovaries Stimulate the circulatory system to improve. increase the chance of pregnancy

(not) secret tips, get ready before doing “vitro fertilization”

Science Teacher, Infertility Consultant and Founder of Page also revealed that for problems with rough and uneven uterine wall caused by protein deficiency or uterine fibroids Have had surgery for fibroids or fibroids in the uterine cavity before Causing the uterine wall to collapse, having a rough surface. Solution: Focus on eating protein to strengthen the uterine muscles. It will help create a smooth, tight and strong wall.

(not) secret tips, get ready before doing “vitro fertilization”

“Preparing the uterine wall is a very important step. By preparing the uterus to be 8-10 mm thick, clear as jelly, arranged in three layers, and most importantly, the circulatory system must be good for the uterus to be warm and ready for the implantation of the embryo that will develop into our baby in the womb accordingly. The method mentioned above Therefore, infertile women should prepare our starting material well, it will greatly increase the chances of pregnancy success. Or you can learn more details from the YouTube channel.



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