note!From today, all flights of China Southern Airlines in Beijing will be transferred to Daxing Airport

Original title: Attention!From today, all flights of China Southern Airlines in Beijing will be transferred to Daxing Airport

From October 25th, Daxing Airport will begin to implement the 2020-2021 winter flight plan. After the season change, the daily average flight schedule of Daxing Airport will increase by 103 to 853 per day. All flights of China Southern Airlines in Beijing will be transferred to Daxing Airport for operation.

The new sailing season begins on October 25, 2020 and ends on March 27, 2021. This season, Daxing Airport plans to open 153 routes, including 145 domestic routes, including 138 passenger routes, 7 cargo routes, 2 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regional routes, and 6 international cargo routes; covering 141 destinations worldwide. Among them, there are 133 domestic destinations, including 126 passenger destinations, 7 cargo destinations, 2 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan destinations, and 6 international cargo destinations.

Compared with the summer flight season of 2020, Daxing Airport will increase passenger routes to five domestic cities including Ankang, Ganzhou, Guyuan, Huangyan and Simao, and the network accessibility of the routes will be further improved.

In the new season, China Southern Airlines has an average daily flight volume of 331 flights, China Eastern Airlines 142 flights, China United Airlines 131 flights, Air China 84 flights, Xiamen Airlines 65 flights, and 26 on-site airlines.According to forecasts, Daxing Airport will bePassenger flowThe volume will exceed 140,000.

To further enhance the passenger experience, Daxing Airport optimized its multi-point check-in program. From October 25th, the China United Airlines check-in island will be adjusted from the original four-level K island to the three-level R island, realizing the same level of check-in procedures such as ticket purchase, check-in, baggage check, and security.Check-in for all domestic flights is available on the basement level of Daxing AirportcounterAnd security check channel, passsubwayPassengers arriving on the Daxing Airport Line or Beijing-Xiong Intercity High-speed Railway and taking domestic flights can directly check in at the basement level and proceedSecurity check

In terms of operation guarantee, Daxing Airport will further optimize and adjust operationsmanagementMode, strengthen the monitoring of flights departing from the port in the early morning rush hour, reasonableplanningThe allocation of resources such as aircraft positions, crews and security check channels, ground support personnel and vehicles, has continued to improve the operational support capabilities under low visibility and winter ice and snow conditions.TravelerserviceOn the one hand, Daxing Airport will continue to strengthen personnel protection, add mobile ambassador posts for on-site guidance, and timely increase security checks according to the flight planjobsPersonnel, strengthen the service linkage with various airlines and station units, and provide passengers with more convenient and professional travel services.

Since Daxing Airport was put into operation, focusing on safety and convenience, it has made every effort to consolidate the foundation of operation guarantee, continue to improve passenger travel experience, and strive to build a benchmark for the “four-type airport”. It has successively completed a series of major guarantee tasks such as seasonal transition and epidemic prevention and control. Security services, running production,OperatingFruitful results in management and other aspects have achieved high-level operations.On August 25 this year, Daxing Airport will be completedcostAfter the fourth flight of the year, the number of daily flights reached about 650, and the daily passenger flow climbed again, and the total number of passengers has been completed since the operationThroughputApproximately 13 million passengers, cargo and mail throughput of more than 50,000 tons, completed in a single dayPassenger throughputAt the peak of nearly 100,000 people, we made every effort to promote the resumption of work and production and regional economic development.

Daxing Airport reminds passengers that due to China Eastern Airlines, Air China and other airlinesthe companyAt present, Daxing Airport and Capital Airport are still operating in “two fields”. Passengers and their relatives and friends must confirm departure or arrival at the airport in advance to avoid leaving the airport by mistake. If passengers arrive at Daxing Airport by mistake, they can contact the airline to change the flight.In response to “mistake passengers” Daxing Airport launched “mistakelabel“Passengers who leave by mistake” can be picked up at the information counter at the airport. You can check-in and go through security checks with priority by presenting the stickers for mistakenly gone by. After passing the security check, you can take a battery car and quickly reach the boarding gate. There is ample departure time, and you still need to travel to the Capital Airport. You can use the Metro Daxing Airport Line, airport buses, andCar rentalWaiting for publictrafficWay to the Capital Airport.

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