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Notes inviting smiles and crying about yesterday, having had a hard time with Khunchuan Chuen (clip)

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30 April 2021 19:37

As a best friend who had been struggling together. For the late famous comedian Hunchback And a senior comedian Smiley invitation note That during adolescence They both used to spend their lives sleeping together when they were at the Likay Hotel. There is always something to share. And Aunt Kom was a matchmaker and brought a love letter to Unnote’s wife But returned to his father-in-law until he was stung Which from adolescence until now They have been best friends for over 50 years.

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by Smiley invitation note Tell about this story with tears. During a telephone interview in the program “News Put Khai” on the Thairath TV channel by 3 MC Young Kanchai, Kanuengnit Bus, Chaow Chawalit, when asked if he had talked to Uncle Khom for a long time yet He has not yet entered the ICU room, talked every day, video calls every day, encouraged him to smile and laugh every day. And after it entered the ICU I didn’t call anyone, called the football after that, I didn’t call. ”When asked if I talked to Aunt Khom’s family or not, the note replied,“ The family didn’t talk, my son Notes Junior was talking. Because I can’t speak (Starts shaking) What is it like to talk about it and I look weak? Believe it or not, I have a friend who loves it very much.

Before telling about the past days of the difficult times together to listen to that “We lived together from the age of 15-16. It was about 12-13. Difficult to come together It is too sensitive. It’s unbelievable that people like it on the day of their death. The wife’s child didn’t go to burn it at all. I didn’t even go to myself. This morning the son did not let go. But the wife and son go But my wife and son forbade me from going. But he’s in the car Thank you so young. (Crying) You’re really a nice person. I’m thankful for my family.

I am like a black-hearted person. (Trembling sound) The wife goes and the child is only in the car. It is something that squeezes the heart and is tortured. I used to have a hard time together Promise you that we have a lot of trouble. If we have children and wives The wife’s child must not be as difficult as ours. We can only starve, but the wife’s child must not starve. The wife’s child must be full. Lastly, before it went to the hospital, we still called. It tells me I’m very comfortable. Just a moment ago, I was still cursing the young man. So I had a feeling that it was really fast. Why is this disease like this?

Do you believe it? I wrote M.M to flirt with my current girlfriend. The hunchback was the person holding a letter while eating in the Likay Hotel, in front of the Tao Poon Police Office. Sent a letter to my wife at Soi Prachanruemit Then the hunchback sent it to the father-in-law His father-in-law punched the hunchback on his stomach. The hunchback ran to me and said that today the love letter was unsuccessful. My father was punched and asked how he got punched. Asked why I didn’t see what the letter wrote The Hunchback replied, “Are you crazy? I can’t read the book. Do you know what to write? ”It thought that I was going to write an order to write the scene. Because my father-in-law is the author of the Likay scene. “

When Chao Chao asked if Uncle said that When playing Likay with Hunchback Father Ah note used to buy toppings and plain rice to eat together. Famous comedian “Is when we have money Suppose if the humpback has money, he will go buy some topping at Bang Lamphu. And mashed the rice in the pot of the Likay factory and put it in But if someone’s money is born That person will cook Because we ate topping on each flavor

There is only one pants. Depending on who is going to wear morning or late If anyone wears first Another had to wear a loincloth in the motel room. It’s not really a rented room. It is a room that lives next to the house. Take old plywood Election signs came to shade the rain and sleep. If you sleep at the same time The other lay on his side, the other on his back, and when the two of them lay on their backs, they narrowed, they squeezed, sweating, becoming sticky. It is something very torture, I force it, I force myself to say anything. “

Before concluding that “I leave the Thai people in the whole country to encourage his family. His wife is still sick. Please encourage us. I just ask (cry). Please encourage us. I apologize to you audience too. If I say something, it looks weak “.

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