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Notice of postponement of the IeSF official eSports World Championship “World eSports League 2021 Global Final”

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We have been discussing with IeSF how to hold the finals under the influence of the new coronavirus, but we have decided to postpone the finals in December 2021 mainly for the following reasons. rice field.

・ Social distance is maintained at level 4 in the host country, South Korea.

・ The number of countries with restricted entry from overseas to South Korea is increasing.

・ The number of infected people is increasing in Korea and abroad.

50 of the IeSF member countries participated in “WSL2021” with the following 4 titles as official events, and qualifying tournaments were held in each country from July to September 2021 and many gamers from all over the world participated.

■ WSL2021 Official event


・ “Brawl Stars”: Supercell

・ “Tekken 7”: Bandai Namco Entertainment

・ “Black Survival: Eternal Return”: Nimble Neuron

We would like to thank the e-sports fans and athletes from all over the world for supporting the tournament, and the e-sports associations and IeSF of each country for advancing the national team competition.

WSL is expected to improve the situation regarding the new coronavirus worldwide

It will be tentatively postponed to next year and will be held at the Gwangju e-sports stadium in South Korea, as planned for this year.

The future response to the players and teams already selected from the participating countries this year is currently under consideration by the IeSF and the tournament management office, and will be announced as soon as they are decided.

■ Tournament official website


■ Japan National Team Official Website

World eSports League 日本代表決定戦

■Formal SNS





■ Company profile

Company name: Techno Blood eSports Co., Ltd.

Location: 6F, Kuramae Central Building, 3-1-10 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051

Representative: Takefumi Morishima, President and CEO

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・ Esports business

・ Content distribution business for PC cafes

・ Security business for online games


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