Notice of Retirement Women’s Basketball Club (Foreign Transfer) – Red Wave – Fujitsu Sports; Fujitsu

Thursday, October 06, 2022

We are pleased to inform you that Momoka Okoe will leave Fujitsu Red Wave at the end of September and join the Greek Women’s Basketball League “Eleftheria Moschatou”. He left for the site on October 5th and plans to join the team as soon as he arrives.

Although I will be leaving Fujitsu Red Wave just before the start of the W-League, the team is rooting for Momoka Okoe’s challenge.

Comment by Momoka Okoe
This time, I received an offer and will be transferred to the Greek league. I decided to transfer because I thought I could grow not only as a basketball player but also as a person. I feel sorry for everyone in the team, but I would like to challenge without regret because I only live once. Dear fans, I apologize for reporting this just before the opening.
Thank you for your continued support!


Full name Okoe Mominoka
romaji notation Monica Okoye
situation PF (Power Forward)
date of birth February 7, 1999
age 23 years old
height 182cm
birthplace Tokyo
ALMA Matter Meisei Gakuen High School
Competition history Akitsu Higashi Mini → Higashimurayama Roku Middle School → Meisei Gakuen High School → Denso → Fujitsu
A representative history of Japan 2016 U17 World Championship (Spain) 9th
World Championships 2018 (Spain) 9th
2021 runner-up at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
2021 Asian Cup winner
World Championships 2022 (Australia) 9th

Future inquiries regarding Okoe Tojinka
Athlete Solution Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Sakata
Telephone: 03-5772-6307

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