| Notorious criminal Chakrapani Santhosh was arrested while smoking charayam

Nedunkadam: The excise team arrested Chakrapani Santhosh, a notorious criminal in the border region, while he was smoking charayam. 20 liters of charaya and 30 liters of koda have been seized from his VAT base. Chakrapani Santosh alias Aadimakal Santhosh (46) of Karunapuram Kattekanam is accused in four shooting cases. He has spent time in prison in four cases.

In 2008, Vishwan, a native of Thattekanam, was shot dead. In 2010, Paraikkal shot Shibu in the head. Ratheesh, who was injured in the eye, escaped with head injuries that day. Seven years ago, Santhosh was sentenced to five years in the case of shooting 35-year-old Ratheesh from behind in a grassy area. He was released eight months ago after his sentence. Ratheesh, who underwent treatment for months at the medical college, was paralyzed in one of his hands. Preventive Officer EH Yunus, Abdul Salam, CEO The accused was caught under the leadership of Ratheesh Kumar, Anoop, Arun Raj and Shibu Joseph.

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