Notre Dame was inspired in movies, music and books

NEW YORK – The Notre-Dame de Paris, which had a devastating ritual on Monday, encouraged writers, painters and filmmakers for centuries. Some notable examples are:

PARKING: Henri Matisse often painted it – in blue, distant green, pink grass. He served as an outcrop for “The Bohemian,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and the interior provided Jacques-Louis David with a golden, majestic journey “The Napoleon Crown.” T

BOOKS: Think about books about Notre Dame and you will probably start with "Notre-Dame of Paris" by Victor Hugo (called "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame"), his masterpiece 1831. But Notre Dame appears. also in Balzac's “The Wrong Side of Paris” and the “Babar” and “Madeline” series for children.

EVENTS: It is, of course, in Hugo's novel adaptations, whether Charles Laughton, the remake in 1956 of Anthony Quinn or the Disney music in 1996 showed the voices of Tom Hulce and Demi Moore among others in the 1939 version. It is also in the background as Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn speak in “Charade,” and as Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy along the Seine in “Before the sunset,” as Hawke makes a surprise to where He is still living responds to World War II and Delpy, “But you must think that Notre Dame will have gone one day.”

MUSIC: “The darkness of the night was the beginning of our story / On the docks near Notre Dame,” David Ogden Stiers, Paul Kandel and Tony Jay played in Disney's film, the soundtrack composed by Alan Menken. In ABBA's “One Summer Summer,” it is a feeling (“In the tourist spot, around Notre-Dame / Our last summer / Walking in hand”). It is a reason for Garland Jefferies' “Jump Jump” (“We go on with Notre Dame / So many history / yours”) and a widespread symbol in “Europe” Roxy Music (“And here with the Seine / Notre Dame casts / lonely shadow) long ”).

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