‘Now is the Age of Heroes’ Lim Young-woong, 2.8 billion won in advertising fees

[제주교통복지신문 김혜련 기자] ‘Year-round Live’ singer Lim Young-woong is known to have earned about 2.8 billion won in advertising model fees for a year alone.

In ‘The Woman Who Runs the Chart’ of KBS2’s entertainment program ‘All Year Live’, which was broadcast on the 19th, the rankings of ‘stars who earned the most advertising fees in 2021’ were released.

On this day, Lim Young-woong, a trot leader called an emotional craftsman, climbed to 7th place on the ‘2021 Star Earning the Most Advertisement Fees’. Lim Young-woong Eung is writing a new history in the trot world after rising to the ‘Mr. Trot’ Jin.

Young-woong Lim, who is writing a new history by occupying the prince of the trot world, is creating a sensation in the advertising world. He shot a lot of commercials for shampoo, chicken, cosmetics, watches, etc., and also made commercials by constantly asking fans for Lim Young-woong’s favorite coffee brand.

The reason why he is loved by advertisers is because the sales volume soared when he shot an advertisement. Recently, it is known that the brand sales of clothes worn by Young-woong Lim increased by 510%, proving the trend. According to reports, Lim Young-woong’s advertising fee this year is about 400 million won per year. If we calculate the current 7 ad model fees, we estimate it to be 2.8 billion won.

Jeju Transportation Welfare Newspaper, TW News



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