Now listening in Korean… ‘Forza Horizon 5’, Korean dubbing in preparation

Korean dubbing will be added to the open world racing game ‘Forza Horizon 5’.

According to the official Forza Horizon blog, Korean dubbing will be added for Forza Horizon 5 on June 21, when the ‘Series 9’ update is applied. For the Forza Horizon series, Korean dubbing was applied only to the first episode released in 2012, and after that, only subtitles and interface were released in Korean.

▲ ‘Forza Horizon 5’ with Korean dubbing scheduled (Source=Forza Horizon Blog)

In the case of racing games, there is no time to read the subtitles while concentrating on driving, so if you can hear the voices of the characters in the game in Korean, you can enjoy the game comfortably without feeling frustrated.

Meanwhile, for Forza Horizon 5, the first expansion pack ‘Hot Wheels’ will be released on July 19th, and Korean dubbing will also be applied.

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