NPD gives itself a new name

The right-wing extremist party NPD agreed on a new name at its party conference. The attempt failed last year.

The right-wing extremist NPD has renamed itself and is now called Die Heimat. That was decided at a party conference on Saturday in Riesa, Saxony, with a majority of 77 percent, as the party announced. With the name, she refers to a concept of homeland that excludes non-ethnic Germans and immigrants or foreigners living in Germany. The homeland party should network the “resistance” against the politics of the “established”, as it was called, better. The renaming was rejected at the party congress last year.

According to figures from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution for 2021, with around 3,150 members it is the strongest right-wing extremist party in Germany in terms of numbers, but with a clear downward trend – as has been the case with the number of voters for years. In view of the internal conflicts, there is no “end to the personnel, financial and structural erosion process” in sight, according to the report from a year ago for the protection of the constitution.


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