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NRC confident of supporting the world economy to push exports May-Jun grow 2 digits

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30 May 2021 | By Prapasri Osathanon


Thailand has hit the export force for 4 months, has already surpassed the full year target by 4%. Consecutive imports from the beginning of the year Reflecting the Thai manufacturing sector fully operating

Past 4 First month year 64 Thai exports continued to expand. Last April, Thai exports madeNew Hai statistics of the first of the year By expanding to 13.09% Export value of $ 21,429.27 million, the highest growth in 36 months or in three years.Ever Total The first 4 months of 2021 (Jan-Apr) has value 85,577.30 Million dollar increase 4.78% Which is a very high number since the year 2016 makes sure that This year, Thai exportsCan expand not less than 4%. Absolutely, by exceeding the target of the Ministry of Commerce previously placed at 4 %

Thai exports grew positively.Consecutively as a result of the global economy recovering. From accelerating the distribution of vaccinesCOVID-19 All over the world, especially important trading partners of Thailand such as the US and China, as well as the European Union or EU That the export also went well In April, the US market expanded. 9 % Continued for a month 11 Expanding Chinese market 21.9 % Expanding continuously for a month 5 EU market (15) Expansion accelerated for that month 3 By growing up 52.5% and the Japanese market. Expanded continuously for the sixth month. By 2.7 expansion % However, exports expanded. 13.09 %

Mr. Chai Chan Charoensuk Chairman of the Thai National Shippers’ Council (Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand) Expressing confidence that Thai exports inMay and June continued to grow at numbers. 2 main Because the base from the previous year was low This was driven by the global economy recovering in the US and China, where economic growth rates were high, demand for goods was also higher. Look at the number of exportsU.S. expansion9% China expands 21.9% The product that is the rising star of Thailand is automotive rubber and plastic resin with a continuous growth rate.

The significant reflections that the President of the Sor TOR is looking at are: Imports are still hot. By April, imports were worth $ 21,246.79 million, increase 29.79%. It reflects that the manufacturing sector has returned. Therefore, it is not surprising that Thai exports continue to expand in 2 digits because the momentum of imports of raw materials for producing products has continued to rise since the beginning of the year to the present.

From the statistics of Thai imports, it was found that Imports expanded for the third consecutive month. The top 10 imported products in Thailand are crude oil, chemicals, machinery and components. , Electrical machinery and components, iron, steel and its products, printed circuit board, other metal ores Scrap metal and products, automotive components and equipment, plants and products, and home appliances

Decide that Thai exports in May and June continued to expand. 2 Absolutely primarily byThis was driven by a recovering global economy in the US and China where economic growth rates were high.A, the demand for the product also increased as well. Watching the number of exports to the US expanded.9% China expands For the whole year, Thai exports will expand at 7%, ”said Mr. Chai Chan.

Office of Trade Policy and Strategy Ministry of Commerce Look at the export trend of Thailand in the same direction as the private sector. By analyzing that Industrial goods export growth for the fourth consecutive month in almost all product categories Exports of oil-related goods began to recover following export prices. And demand from partner countries and higher vaccination schemes against COVID-19. With a variety Quick and easy access Help regain confidence in production and consumption These will be another important factor for Thai exports to be more positive.


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