Nreal expands compatible devices for ‘Nreal Air’ … PS5 / Steam deck added

[테크월드뉴스=노태민 기자] Global AR glasses manufacturer Nreal announced on the 30th that it is expanding the range of gaming devices and smartphones compatible with Nreal Air and releasing the MAC (Mac) OS version of Nebula, a dedicated 3D interface app.

The game consoles compatible with Nreal Air due to this update are ▲ PlayStation 5 (PS5) ▲ Steam Deck ▲ Xbox Series X / S (Xbox Series X / S). The real adapter is only expected to be released in Korea early next year.

Enreal announced on the 30th that it has expanded devices compatible with ‘Enrear Air’. [사진=엔리얼]

If you connect the Nreal adapter to the console (game device), you can enjoy the game on a 130-inch HD screen through Nreal Air mirroring mode. For Android users, Wi-Fi streaming lets you connect to Xbox Cloud and Steam VR in AR mode. Nreal Air’s 3-DoF tracking function allows you to view a 201-inch virtual screen that can be positioned spatially, according to Nreal officials.

Real Air compatible smartphone models have also been added. ▲ Including the Galaxy Fold 4 ▲ Galaxy S22 ▲ Galaxy S22 Ultra, etc. Compatible smartphone models can be found on Nreal’s official website.

A beta version of Nebula Mac OS, an application developed for using Nreal Glass, was also released. When Apple notebooks with M1 and M2 chips are connected to Nreal Air, up to three virtual 45-inch multi-displays can be used from a distance of 1 meter based on the 3-DoF tracking function. In the case of enreal lighting, tracking up to 6-DoF is possible. Even if the user turns his head, the display remains fixed in 3D space.

Nreal is an AR technology company leading innovation in global augmented reality. In September, it launched ‘Nreal Air’, a daily AR glass for general users, and is leading the popularization of AR. Nreal Air weighs only about 79g and can be used casually in daily life, and users can enjoy content such as videos and games on a super large 3D screen of up to 201 inches in AR mode just by wearing it’ n comfortable.

“With this update, AR experiences that can maximize the immersion and realism of Mac and game users have been made possible,” said Yeo Min Yeo, Branch Manager of Enreal Korea. We will do our best to make the experience possible,” he said.


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