“NRPT” launches “alt. Eatery”, a plant-based food community

“NRPT” launches “alt. Eatery”, a plant-based food community

Date 19 May 2022 time 22:38

“NRPT” launches “alt. Eatery”, the first plant-based food community presenting the future lifestyle in Bangkok on the “Sansiri” area.

“NRPT” (Nutra Regenerative Protein Co. Ltd: NRPT), a joint venture company between Innobic (Asia) Co., Ltd. (Innobic) and Nove Foods Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and innovation leader in Food in Thailand joins hands with “Sansiri”, the country’s real estate leader, to launch “alt. Eatery”, the first plant-based food community in the heart of Bangkok. Meet the lifestyle of the new generation of consumers who care about health and the environment. Complete with a variety of plant-based foods selected by Thai entrepreneurs. Enjoy the workshop activities, inserting knowledge on food innovations and taking care of the environment. Use clean energy from the Solar Roof with facilities for the world of the future such as electric vehicle charging points. Aiming to be a model for sustainable and environmentally friendly living

The brand alt. or Alt offers products that use plant protein. substitute for meat which is beneficial to both health and the environment According to research, plant-based food production methods can reduce global warming from livestock production by up to 30%. In addition, NRPT has continued to improve the quality of plant protein products. by bringing technology to develop taste, texture and appearance to make it delicious and satisfying to the new generation no different from meat High in protein but low in fat nutritious can eat every day

Mr. Dan Pathomwanich, Chief Executive Officer of NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited (NRF) and Chairman of Nove Foods Company Limited, said that Nove Foods is ready to continue to focus on the development of protein products. from plants to consumers and food entrepreneurs continuously to support the behavior of consumers who pay more attention to health through the opening of a plant-based food prototype restaurant under the brand “alt. Eatery”, which is the first plant-based food community in the heart of Thailand To support the growing trend of plant-based products, in addition to taking into account the taste that consumers will receive The company also takes into account the issue of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon emissions from food businesses account for one-third of global carbon emissions.

Therefore, the company pays attention to the production process. Starting from defining a business model aimed at reducing carbon Promote the consumption of more plant protein. As plant-based feed production reduces global warming associated with livestock production by up to 30%, consumers of plant protein diets contribute to climate change. avoid killing and is a nutritious food It affects health and the world in another way.

Dr. Buranin Rattanasombat, Executive Vice President, Innovation and New Business, PTT Public Company Limited and Chairman of the Board of Innobic (Asia) Company Limited, said that NRPT, a joint venture between IN Nobic (Asia) Co., Ltd. and Nove Foods Co., Ltd. are committed to being a leader in the development and promotion of plant protein food business. with the intention of making alt.Eatery the first food center of the future in Thailand In line with the concept of taking into account the utilization of raw materials and reducing the impact on the environment. giving Thai people a choice in food consumption and help reduce the incidence of disease. The “alt. Eatery” project emphasizes the intent of Innobic (Asia)’s Life Science business by applying research and technology to improve Thai agricultural products. as raw materials for the food industry of the future Increase opportunities and distribution channels for small entrepreneurs to enter the healthy food business that is growing and has a tendency to expand in the future.

Khun Settha Thavisin, President and President of Sansiri Public Company Limited, said that the global warming crisis is an urgent matter that everyone must work together to stop. Sansiri therefore places importance on sustainability in all processes and dimensions of business operations. This time, it is a collaboration with a partner with a consistent vision of sustainability, NRPT, to develop alt. Eatery on Sansiri’s Sukhumvit 51 plot and invite urban residents to live a world-friendly lifestyle. In addition, Sansiri has also put the organization’s waste to WORTH concept into practice here to let the city people know how to separate waste properly. as well as bringing Sansiri’s clean energy partners such as Charge (SHARGE) and ION (ION) to join in strengthening by installing charging points for high-speed electric cars and solar rooftops of the future at alt.Eatery as well. This collaboration is a continuation of Sansiri’s vision, which is the first real estate in Thailand that aims to be Net-zero, a zero-emissions organization. And be part of the Global Warming crisis for the world and for all of us.

The alt. brand focuses on providing an alternative experience for the younger generation looking for healthy and tasty food all in one dish. ready to build knowledge understanding of the valuable use of natural resources Build a good awareness of caring for the environment and the living community. Aware of the potential impact on the world for future generations, alt.Eatery is ready to open on May 21 this year. In addition to tasting Plant-Based dishes from the recommended menu. also join the fun activities under the concept “Taste a Bite of Tomorrow” to experience food of the future Ready to listen to music in the evening in the garden. and buy a lot of health products See you at alt. Eatery, a restaurant that is not just an option. But it’s a good choice for your future.



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