NSTDA joins EA to establish BCG Industry Research and Development Center to strengthen the energy research ecosystem

NSTDA joins EA to establish BCG Industry Research and Development Center to strengthen the energy research ecosystem

(January 23, 2023): Professor Dr. Chukit Limpichamnong, Director of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Mr. Somphote Ahunai, CEO of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited or the Environment Agency Memorandum of Understanding on Research and Development for Industrial Innovation for a Bio-Circular-Green Economy, with Professor (Special) Dr. Anek Laothamatat congratulated the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (NST) together with Professor Dr Sirirerk Songsivlai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation in the 1st floor hall of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA ) Yothi Building)

Professor (Special) Dr. Anek Laothamatat The Minister for Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (Wor.) said that he was very proud to have witnessed this day. Because the cooperation of the private sector and NSTDA can be done quickly. More importantly, it is considered a step forward in the research model in Thailand. Although our systems research has in the past been done on the Supply to Demand side, most of us have done research on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) from the beginning to the final development of the demonstration in working conditions in lonely But at the technology level, which is provided through demonstration tests in real world conditions for that industry. There is still not as much as there should be, so the Environment Agency is considered as an example for joint research caused by the demand of private companies. and would like to participate in research into practical applications at an industrial level which is considered strategic thinking more than doing one academic aspect And what I am particularly happy about is the collaboration of the private sector and the public sector as NSTDA in driving under the BCG Economy policy, which is the national agenda and the APEC agenda that Thailand has held in the past.

However, the Ministry of Higher Education is a ministry that works in the field of science. research and technology Therefore, the most advanced part of the business must be taken. Become a partner in working with the body of knowledge that the Ministry of Higher Education has experts. This collaboration will help create an industrially oriented environment for research personnel. and industrial personnel Create an innovation that is different and become a National Product Champion, which is further developed from the industry’s leading technology base. In order to cause leap development and make Thailand have products that come from technology and innovation to improve the strengths of the industry. pushing Thailand to the forefront of ASEAN

research and development operations; It will be successful when the products from the laboratory are used and useful. have a positive impact on the private sector which is an important part of the economic and social development of the country NSTDA’s job is to invent innovative technology. to solve the constraint and improve the strengths of the private sector to differentiate and gain competitive advantages in business As well as helping the industry to go through constraints better, while Energy Absolute Public Company Limited is considered a company that emphasizing the use of technology and innovation to operate the energy business. and a person ready in energy technology to support the changing energy context Obviously, it is the conversion of energy into electrical energy. (Electrification) of clean energy Create an industry that reduces carbon emissions. and the company was also prepared by establishing a lithium ion battery factory. development and production of lithium-ion batteries for different applications especially in electric vehicles Pa is currently considered to be the company There is a complete electric vehicle ecosystem. of electric vehicles Lithium-ion battery as a power source Including charging stations, leading to economies of scale, being able to be a model for the use of technology and innovation that helps elevate the industry to be different. to grow consistently and sustainably.”

Professor Dr. Chukit Limpichamnong The director of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) said that Thailand has a good infrastructure system. and has had experienced workers It has expertise among the best in ASEAN, especially in transport and transportation. Thailand can be considered to have a supply chain in the automotive industry. of producing and exporting vehicles from the river bank to the river bank But with the automotive industry today moving towards a new change. From advances in technology and innovation, they must play a role in reducing emissions at the same time.

This is to enable Thailand to continue to maintain its strength in the infrastructure system. There is a need to have technology and innovation that supports entrepreneurs in Thailand. Get the output from research and development to become the Nation’s Product Champion, not just research and development in battery technology, electric vehicles and infrastructure. but also to further research and develop biochemical and medical and health products.

“It is the collaboration with Energy Absolute Public Company Limited that will take place from now on. This will enable NSTDA researchers to use their expertise to conduct research to solve problems. and product development for the industrial sector to be more united There will be an exchange and improvement of knowledge, experience, and academic and industrial knowledge between each other in order to lead to a National Product Champion that can be launched in the market and help raise the level of research and results-oriented development for Thais. industry in the future.”

Somphote Ahunai Mr The CEO of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited said EA was honored and delighted. as part of a research and development collaboration for industrial innovation for a Bio-Circular-Green Economy with NSTDA.EA focusing on “Green Product” business by bringing technology and innovation to develop clean energy. That will help create a new industry for the country on a sustainable basis in order to move forward in a balanced manner. According to government policy which aims to promote the economic model towards sustainable development (BCG Economy), this is an important opportunity for EA and NSTDA to prepare for the establishment of a research and development center for the BCG Industry, focusing on industrial results in development. ■ Industries associated with the BCG Model include 1. Batteries and electric vehicles, rail shipping and infrastructure 2. Biochemical products and 3. Medical and health products. This is to support the industry’s joint research and development efficiently. as well as creating a complete growth in the energy industry

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