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From the previous work, there is a vague tribute to “Pokémon”, the new game “War Miko Honoka”, which is a noble game series, has been released on DLsite. This work continues with the same spirit. Let’s see where we pay tribute this time XD

Two years ago, the author once commented on a gentleman’s game “Battle Priest Suigetsu” (战香女ミズキ), which was clearly a tribute to “Pokémon Red/Green”. mainland, only to find that her mother had a lovely story with the demon king.

Further reading: “Battle Priestess Mizuki” is basically the adult version of “Pokémon”. After choosing Yusanjia, you have to catch the mouse shikigami that can drop

A few years after the incident of the demon king, the period of war and chaos finally showed signs of ending due to the appearance of the “Sixth Heaven Demon King”. and behind it was the existence of the mysterious organization “Flying Group”…

Well, the author knows that a lot of people have already guessed what’s going on, so just wait and complain.

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The story of the game tells about the main character “Honoka” who lost her parents due to the war when she was a child. She was saved by the mother of the main character “Bing Yu” in the wild, so she decided to follow in their footsteps her benefactor and become aPokemon MasterThe “War Witch” travels the world to eradicate evil and do good.

And to become a qualified “War Miko”, one must first travel to the country’s Eighth National Congress.A gymnasiumThe shrine and let the local probation officer admit it, and you can get a Gosuin badge after you admit it.

At the beginning of the game, the player is called by the master Hongye GrannyPokemon Research CenterThe shrine began to practice, and on the way through the altar, I saw someone sneakily squatting outside the shrine… This scene is rather familiar.

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Grandma Hongye then asked you to choose one of the three Yusanjias, and then sent you to the next town to run errands to get the national illustrated book. PK with the black meat ninja girl I saw…

Ok, without hiding the plot of the gold and silver version at all.

So simple, I appreciate you.

But what is more light is that the old enemy uses the Pokemon with the gram attribute to mess with you. Here, the ninja girl chose the gram attribute, no wonder he is stupid.

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Although the main plot and map structure are completely copied from the gold and silver version, the game also has another main line: the bitter unification main plot of the Warring States Period.

The main character goes to the next villageThe city of YoshinoWhen you go to “Hatsune Village”, you will find that the Sengoku daimyo “Ryugen” (aka Oda Nobunaga) plans to surprise the evil daimyo “Yoshimoto” who attacks, and the lecherous general “Kosaki” (aka Hashiba Hideyoshi, sound) also goes with it. The same as Little Fraud) and the first male protagonist and suffering master of this work, the younger brother of “Long Xuan” “Long Ye”.

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The main character accidentally contributed to theBattle of the BarrelsAfter the surprise attack is successful, “Long Xuan” will ask the protagonist to escort his younger brother to “Mizumu Village” in Kikyo City.Yuanzhu City“Sacred Capital”, so in the story, there will be a long period of time to travel with “Ryuya”, and solve local problems in the first few gyms, support each other and develop feelings for each other secretly.

But don’t be silly, everyone, NTRPG is written at the beginning of this game, so things are not that simple.

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The warming of the relationship between the main character and “Ryuya” was seen by “Ko Sagi”, and he thought hard about how to get the main character. The story was also about the ninja girl, who is the old enemy, and the mysterious organization that caused destruction everywhere. “Team Flight” (aka Team Rocket), and in terms of game design, players must cooperate with “Kozuki” to fight against Team Rocket, so it is impossible to completely avoid the appearance of NTR plots.

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The game system design is as mentioned above, except that only certain shikigami can be caught as Pokemon, other designs include all attributes, special attack and special defense, feature evolution, and even weather skills that appeared only in the second generation, and elements with a time limit They all pay homage to the original (yes, that is, the event that Laplace could only be caught on that Friday).

In fact, Pikachu directly made a “western type gender cross” (why is this Alola here), which often makes me feel unfounded.

Although the game design allows players to turn on the computer to change players anytime and anywhere, but because the shikigami in their hands is blown up, they will be defeated, and there are some maze designs and designs enemy skills also try their best to pay tribute to the original game, so the difficulty of the overall battle is relatively difficult.

It can be said that it is impossible to beat the gym owners and Sakagi smoothly like the previous generation without practice. If they can hit 100 in a flash, you can only hit 20. It is common to eat shit straight away when you eat mess , and it also cost the writer a lot It takes a lot of time to advance the plot. (It took the author about 10 hours to see the beginning of the NTR plot)

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Another point is that the author does not know if he has time to finish it or if he is deliberately fighting against piracy. Half of the scenes in the version 1.04 that I bought are not available at the moment , and the plot is only opened until the main character becomes successful. war witch. The complaints with the heroine’s mother, the Rockets and others still need to be updated by the author in the future. Gentlemen who want to watch the full story should remember to go back and download it again.

However, as far as the plot is concerned, it can be felt that the author paid a lot of attention to the plot changes, including the NPC dialogue before and after the plot change, and some content that would funny to understand the original work (for example, the incarnation of an American-style evil spirit in a fighting gym and flicking with the fingers Civet cat GG pupil), on the whole, it should be expected.

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Currently, “War Miko Honoka” has been released on DLsite, and the price is 2,750 yen. Recommended for men who want to play Pokemon NTR adult color.

DLsite store page “War Priestess Honoka”.


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