NTT DATA sends NXT Mobility Charge, an international standard EV charging point.

Monday, May 30, 2022, 10:00 PM.

NTT DATA introduces NXT Mobility Charge, a global standard intelligent EV charging management platform. Get expanded demand After the Thai government and the world accelerate the electric train

NTT Data (Thailand) Co., Ltd., under NTT Data Corporation Company Limited, a leading global leader in digital business and IT services. Ready to deliver the NXT Mobility Charge service, a platform for managing 100% electric vehicle charging points or EV (Electric Vehicle) fully-integrated services, from consulting, design, system procurement, application development. and after sales service Penetrate the car camp and operators of gas and gas filling stations, government sector, property developers The global focus is on increasing the use of EVs towards Net zero, reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions to create a sustainable world. While Thailand continues to support the use of EVs to become an Asia hub The public and private sectors in Thailand have come together to break down the challenges. Accelerating the expansion of charging stations that currently have less than 1,000 points to build consumer confidence

Mr. Hironari Tomioka, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of NTT Data (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed that the company is ready to deliver NXT Mobility Charge or EV Charging Platform service, a tool for managing 100% electric vehicle charging stations or EV (Electric Vehicle) efficiently by providing a platform, which will be a software that helps manage the charging point from a central one-stop and mobile application development services by designing and creating applications according to customer requirements To support creating a better customer experience which the infrastructure behind the house Can be done on both Cloud and On-Premise target groups Manufacturers and distributors of EV cars, gas station operators and medium to large fuel gas stations including service providers of EV charging stations under the government sector, state enterprises, and retail operators and real estate developers which has a policy to support the use of EV cars to meet sustainable business which focuses on reducing the amount of greenhouse gases to zero.”

NXT Mobility Charge is certified according to the latest version of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP standard). which is an international standard that is accepted from around the world able to enhance the efficiency of charging station management from the center Its technical strengths are as follows:

Multi-tenant software suite infrastructure for EV (Charge Point Operators (CPO) network operators) and e-mobility providers. : EMPs) can adapt the software format to suit different business models.

2. It is a kernel-based IT architecture, including the concept of granting access to information. For EV charging point network operators (CPOs) and drivers.

3.Increase the extension of specific functionality according to customer needs with a highly flexible structure able to respond to rapidly changing market demands

4. Application development can be deployed in the cloud. (Cloud-native application) with high availability and scalable technology. Can provide services in the form of PaaS (Platform as a Service).

5. API system that guarantees easy integration with existing systems. which can provide a full range of services from consulting services plan and design Perform system installation and maintenance

It can also be used to support the Customer Experience in order to further improve the service and promote marketing and after-sales services. NXT Mobility Charge will help users. Find a nearby charging point. and make a reservation for use in advance via the application easily and quickly Promote the marketing campaign through the application. to create interest while waiting for the service Added to the system for collecting points or collecting data for CRM purposes. Able to integrate with Payment gateway system through applications that support many forms of payment such as Credit card, Debit card, QR code and Mobile banking, including e-Wallet or payment system through the application. case which is an add-on service that allows data analysis Continuing marketing activities and developing a service model, NXT Mobility Charge also promotes energy efficiency. and services to manage the use of EV charging points to be the most cost-effective with the Intelligent Energy Management system

“Currently, the world is actively driving the use of electric vehicles by people, businesses and governments towards Net Zero, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to zero for a sustainable world. The Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Council agreed that by 2040 automakers will continue to produce and sell zero emission vehicles. In addition, electric vehicles will be an important way to get out of the problem of fluctuating oil prices. The world has started to pay more attention. Regulations have been issued and various stimulus measures have been implemented. to drive more electric vehicle sales, including Thailand Meanwhile, Thailand has become more clear on measures to stimulate the production and use of electric vehicles. both in terms of tax measures By 2030, the goal is to produce 30 percent of 100% electric vehicles or EVs, or about 6.22 million vehicles, and a key challenge to stimulate the increase in the use of EVs. to be successful is to increase the number of fast charging points in various public areas to be sufficient. Currently, Thailand has about 600 charging points, which is the heart of the charging point service. is to manage charging points efficiently, cost-effectively, and generate sustainable business income,” Mr. Hironari concluded.

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