NTV Announcer Minami Ishikawa Announces Marriage on ‘Zeroichi’ Information Program

NTV announcer Minami Ishikawa (27) made a surprise appearance on the station’s popular information program “Zeroichi” (airing every Saturday between 10:30 and 1:25) to announce her marriage. MC Sashihara Rino kicked off the show by sharing the exciting news, stating, “Today, I have a congratulatory story to share. Earlier this morning, it was announced that Minami Ishikawa has tied the knot!” Ishikawa couldn’t hide her happiness as she flashed a wide smile, and her fellow “Zeroichi” family members, including Eiji Wentz, Ryogo Matsumaru, and Fuwa-chan, congratulated her.

Expressing her gratitude for the warm wishes, Ishikawa humbly said, “I apologize for diverting your attention with my personal matters. Thank you all.” Born in Hiroshima in August 1996, Ishikawa is a graduate of Waseda University. She joined Nippon TV in 2020 and has since served as a SHOWBIZ caster. Additionally, she began hosting “Oha! 4 NEWS LIVE” in April this year.

As for Ishikawa’s marriage, it was revealed earlier that day that she married former NTV announcer Yoshiro Sato (37), who left the station in May of last year. However, the broadcast did not disclose any details regarding her spouse.

Overall, Ishikawa’s surprise announcement on “Zeroichi” left fans and colleagues thrilled for her new chapter in life.

NTV announcer Minami Ishikawa (C) ORICON News inc NTV announcer Minami Ishikawa (27) will be on the same station information program “Zeroichi” (every Saturday between 10:30 and 1:25) on the 2nd Appear and report live that they married .

[Llun]Ishikawa Minami Ana during the life of the rookie announcer

At the opening of the program, MC Sashihara Rino broke out, “Today, I have a congratulatory story,” and reported, “It was announced this morning, but Anna Ishikawa Minami got married!” Anna Ishikawa also had a big smile on her face, and Eiji Wentz, Ryogo Matsumaru, Fuwa-chan, and other members of the “Zeroichi” family were congratulated.

Receiving the blessing, Anna Ishikawa said, “I’m sorry for taking up your time with my personal matters. Thank you.”

Anna Ishikawa was born in August 1996 in the Hiroshima assumption. He graduated from Waseda University. He joined Nippon TV in 2020. msgstr “ZIP! In addition to serving as a SHOWBIZ caster, from April this year, “Oha! 4 NEWS LIVE”.

Regarding Anna Ishikawa’s marriage, it was reported the morning of the same day that she married former announcer Yoshiro Sato (37), who left the station in May last year. In the broadcast, there is no mention of a marriage partner.

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