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‘Nuclear terrorists’ swearing and assault… Another hate crime against Korean American women

by news dir

▲ Korean woman who was victim of hate crime (left)-perpetrator (right)

Another incident occurred in California, USA, in which a teenage Korean woman was targeted for hate crimes.

The Tustin Police Department in California, USA, arrested a black man Sacher Tauzudin Schwab, 42, who assaulted a Korean woman, Jenna Dupui, for hate crimes, a local daily newspaper Orange County Register reported on the 15th (local time). .

According to police, Shuwave deliberately approached Dupui in a park in Tustin on the 11th, made a sexual harassment statement, and asked where he came from.

After saying that Dupui was of Korean descent, he demanded to be separated from him, and Shuwave turned away angrily.

An hour later, Dupui witnessed Shuwave approaching his friend again in the park an hour later and stopped him to protect his friend.

Then, Shuwave slandered Dupui as a “nuclear terrorist,” referring to North Korea, and swearing racist and sexist abusive language.

When Dupui resisted Shuwave’s continuing threat with a self-defense jet, Shuwab knocked Dupui down to the ground and beat him, and then the people around him intervened and expelled the perpetrator.

Police arrested Shuwave on charges of hate crime, assault, and sexual harassment.

Dupui posted a post on his Instagram with a picture of the assault damage, saying, “The perpetrator was sexually speaking for three hours because I was Asian, harassing and targeting.”

“At the time of the incident, I received the help of a lot of kind people, but this should never have happened.” At the beginning of the incident, the people at the scene just watched and did not stop the perpetrator quickly.

Mayor Rutisha Clarke Tustin made a statement and said, “I want to give you a clear message to apply zero tolerance to intolerance and racism.”

(Photo = Instagram capture of victim woman, Tustin police station press release capture, Yonhap News)


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