Nuclear use in the Ukraine war? Expert estimates danger of nuclear war

Researchers are changing the doomsday clock – because of the danger of a nuclear escalation due to the Ukraine war. A scientist explains in the video.

Immediately after the international agreement on the delivery of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, Russian propaganda spoke up in its usual drastic way. Again, TV presenters threatened nuclear strikes against the West.

The doomsday clock – also known as the nuclear war clock – describes the probability of a possible global catastrophe for which humans are responsible. It is a symbolic clock of the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”, a magazine for atomic scientists. The current switch to 90 seconds before midnight refers to the increased nuclear danger in the Ukraine war, according to researchers.

At t-online, the physicist and political scientist Pavel Podvig estimates how high the risk of a nuclear escalation is at the moment – and whether it could have increased as a result of the announcement of the tank deliveries. Podvig’s research interests are nuclear disarmament, arms control and nuclear security. At the United Nations (UN) Institute for Disarmament Research, he heads a research project on the Russian nuclear forces.

You can see how dangerous the current situation is and how nuclear weapons are used, how visible the Kremlin would make this procedure according to the expert and what Podvig says is “a good sign”, you can see right here or in the video above.

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