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Nude shooting with only ‘white paint’ painted all over the body… What happened?

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Nude shooting with only ‘white paint’ painted all over the body… What happened?

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Israeli government organizes filming event to inform climate crisis

Models painted in white are posing. /Photo = Yonhap News

[아시아경제 나예은 기자] Models with their whole bodies painted in white have been photographed nude in a wasteland near the Dead Sea in southern Israel.

According to foreign media such as AFP on the 17th (local time), the Israeli Ministry of Tourism took a picture to show the world the appearance of the Dead Sea in Malaga. US photographer Spencer Tunic, who carried out the project, visited this place 10 years ago and photographed about 1,000 models, and then visited the project every five years.

On that day, about 200 male and female models took nude photos with their bodies painted with white paint. Following Tunic’s instructions, the models stood and posed with their backs bent, their feet together, and their hands hanging helplessly.

Dead Sea. /Photo = Yonhap News

In the Dead Sea, Israel and Jordan use most of the upstream for agriculture and drinking water, and as evaporation accelerates due to mineral extraction and climate change, sea level is decreasing by 1m per year. When Tunic visited the Dead Sea for the first time 10 years ago, the water level was calm, but when he returned five years later, the bottom was exposed and a huge sinkhole was created.

Inspired by the Old Testament story of Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt, Tunic said he decided to paint the models white. “The human body represents beauty, life and love,” he added.

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism explained that it had covered Tunic’s airfare, filming costs, staff and other expenses for the project.

Meanwhile, some Israeli conservatives have expressed their dissatisfaction with this and demanded that the sponsorship be withdrawn.

Reporter Na Ye-eun [email protected]

“Use the screening station tent as a tent”… ‘Park Pocha’ that opens at 10pm

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Park pub at 10 p.m.
Ignoring alcohol ban notices
2nd drinking party with 6-7 people
The crackdown is only then… local government headaches

At 10 pm on the 16th, people in their twenties gathered at the temporary screening center installed in Central Park in Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, drinking alcohol.

[아시아경제 유병돈 기자, 송승윤 기자] At 10 pm on the 16th, Central Park in Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon. Young people who had been drinking from nearby downtown restaurants and bars began to flock to the park. This is to hold a second drinking party when the pub closes due to business hours restrictions due to social distancing. When it comes to seating areas such as benches and stairs, there was a drinking table for as few as 2 to as many as 6-7 people. The scenery was reminiscent of a street food stall. There were no drinking or eating ban notices posted throughout the park.

In particular, the temporary screening test station set up in the park was a ‘hot place’. This was because the tent installed not only prevented the stronger wind, but also the occasional autumn rain. Enforcement teams in quarantine vests were patrolling the park, but to no avail. The crackdown team, consisting of five people in one group, held a light stick in hand and demanded dissolution at every drinking party, but some did not even listen. Some conscientious people wanted to leave, but as soon as the enforcement team disappeared, they returned to their original positions. The crackdown team also completed the guidance only to the extent of giving attention to such a situation as if it were familiar.

As autumn enters into full swing, the number of street drinking behaviors that have disappeared for a while is increasing again. Local governments that are cracking down on this are also a headache. Each local government is implementing an administrative order banning drinking in city parks after 10 pm and cracking down on it, but that is only then. It is practically difficult to impose a fine for every violation as soon as it is discovered, and there are often fights with drunken drunkards.

A local government official said, “Even though they sufficiently explain the situation and demand the disbandment, there are many people who say they did something wrong.” It is true,” he said.

This is especially the case in parks adjacent to the city center. Recently, in the Hongdae area, the controversy over violating quarantine rules has been raised as citizens and foreigners have been drinking on the street without wearing a mask. When there is no place to drink after 10 pm, there are cases where a table is set up in an alleyway and a booze bar is held.

The police decided to designate the area with a high concentration of foreigners in Hongdae as a ‘special quarantine and security zone’ and to conduct more aggressive crackdowns in addition to the publicity and guidance activities it had previously done. The scope of enforcement includes violations of quarantine rules, such as not wearing a mask or prohibition of gatherings of more than three people, violations of the Minor Crimes Punishment Act, such as unauthorized dumping of garbage, urination on the street, and drinking disturbance, as well as violations of the Immigration Control Act found in the process of crackdown.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “Since violations of quarantine rules directly threaten the safety of the people and waste our society’s hardened quarantine efforts, we will work closely with related organizations such as Mapo-gu Office and the Autonomous Crime Prevention Unit to carry out more tangible quarantine activities. “He said.

By Yoo Byung-don, staff reporter [email protected]
By Song Seung-yoon, staff reporter [email protected]

Kim Bu-seon’s voice echoed in the chief of the National Guard… “Turn off the mic” Senator 與 shouted

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Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung and actor Kim Bu-seon (from left). /Photo = Yonhap News

[아시아경제 나예은 기자] At the National Assembly Administrative and Safety Committee audit attended by Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, governor of Gyeonggi Province, a transcript of actor Kim Bu-seon was released and some ruling party lawmakers protested.

In an inquiry by the National Power on the 18th, Rep. Seo Beom-su said, “I was watching the National Inspection and someone said, ‘I can’t stand it because I’m too hot, so I’ll turn it on for a while.” threw the message

On Rep. Seo’s cell phone, Mr. Kim’s voice was released, starting with “I gladly accepted this interview while watching the state audit. Not only did I know Kim Bu-seon funny,” he said.

There were protests from the ruling party, and Rep. Park Jae-ho, secretary of the Democratic Party of Korea, said, “You have to talk about it in advance. You can’t repeat what you’ve heard.”

Governor Lee expressed his dissatisfaction by saying, “Turning this…” In the end, Rep. Seo read aloud the transcript saying, “Then I’ll tell you.”

Seo Beom-su, Representative for People’s Strength. /Photo = Yonhap News

Kim’s message read by Rep. Seo read, “I gladly accepted this interview while watching the state audit. Not only did I know Kim Bu-seon funny, but I also knew the Korean people as pig pigs, so if I tell a lie, people will be deceived. The dangerous idea is that that person is dangerous.”

Kim also said to Lee Jae-myung, “Mr. Jae-myung Lee, Mr. Jae-myung, you weren’t like that. You’re a bad person. You were such a backward guy. I’m a ghost to you. The stories you told me, every moment, are true It was. Don’t be shabby and clumsy anymore.”

He continued, “I’m giving you a piece of advice. You clearly told me that you were in the Year of the Rabbit in 63 years. You didn’t have an organization, you had no power, you didn’t have the power, so you couldn’t do politics. Confess honestly. Then I’ll forgive you. Okay?” he added.

After reading Rep. Seo’s message, Rep. Park pointed out, “It has nothing to do with the national government,” and pointed out, “Do it in the political arena.”

Meanwhile, the governor listened to the recording without expression and did not comment on the voice.

Reporter Na Ye-eun [email protected]


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