Nudity exhibition on the train; Arrest of a young man Train | Nudity | Arrest of Dileep Nelson Kochuveli Express | RPF Police | Kollam | Breaking News

Kollam railway police arrested a young man who performed nudity on the train. Dilip Nelson, a native of Kollam Panayam was arrested. The accused was on the Porbandar Kochuveli Express train. The young man who was drunk was harassing people including female students. It is reported that the young man, who works in a private company in Gujarat, has been behaving in such a way as to make it difficult for his fellow passengers in the train since last night. When the train reached Kollam, the railway police took the young man into custody for insulting people including TTR. The police also said that the accused had created a ruckus at the station and was about to attack the policemen.

Nudity was performed on the train

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