Nun Woranuch transformed into Sita As beautiful as she came out of literature

She is the leading actress in the entertainment industry who has the ability to dance and dress up in Thai costumes. It can’t be anyone, it’s Nun Woranuch.. Latest (March 20, 2023) Nun has posted a picture of herself dressed as Sita. In this post, Nun has written a message that On April 1st, meet Nang Sida at the “Ramayan Ayothaya” procession by Khun Wo in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.

After that, many fans came to make comments, such as
– Oops, it’s my birthday, I want to go.
– I miss you so much.
– Very beautiful and charming Time Thai costumes It’s like going back to that era.
– So beautiful
– Pretty and sharp, Khun Nun. beauty in literature
-Very beautiful, Pee Wo just needs this dress.


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