Nvidia announces immediate NeRF software update

Nvidia (CEO Jensen Huang) announced that it is updating the Nvidia Instant NeRF (neural radiation fields) software. NVIDIA Instant NeRF is a rendering tool that turns sets of static images into realistic 3D scenes and has been used by thousands of developers and content creators to create stunning 3D images. The latest Instant NeRF software update supports exploring Instant NeRF in VR and stepping into 3D creation.

Instant NeRF, named the Best Invention of 2022 by Time Magazine, offers a glimpse into the future of photography, 3D graphics and virtual worlds.

Instant NeRF in VR allows users to quickly create virtual scenes using 2D images. Creators use advanced rendering technologies including Foveation, Dynamic Scaling, NVIDIA DLSS and an optional second GPU to achieve desired frame rate and resolution targets in a range of budgets.

Creating traditional 3D and virtual scenes is an expensive, time-consuming process that requires specialized equipment and expertise. But with Instant NeRF, you can create a scene in minutes with just a few 2D pictures. The tool processes static images into 3D scenes rendered through an AI-based technology called NeRF.

Since the launch of Instant NeRF last year, developers and content creators around the world have downloaded the source code to create stunning, photorealistic 3D scenes.

With the addition of VR with this update, users can make scenes from static images, enter virtual environments and move freely within 3D space. Creators can use almost any image as source content, whether real or rendered. NeRF can be created using images and videos captured on a smartphone, or by rendering images and screenshots captured from gaming and design applications.

NeRF Instant in VR comes with the ability to easily arrange scenes in VR, making creating high-quality NeRF more intuitive than ever. Also, with pre-compiled executables available, more people can create their own NeRFs.

In a VR environment, users feel fully immersed in a new world because they can virtually navigate to a new scene within the headset. It also opens up the possibility of applying this experience to many use cases across industries.

For example, realtors can create and share 3D models of their properties, and retailers can display shoes in virtual online stores. Instant NeRF in VR brings users one step closer to creating realistic virtual environments for digital twins.

You can explore Nvidia Instant NeRF in VR by downloading the source code or a precompiled executable. Users can now create 3D scenes using Instant NeRF for a chance to win a GeForce RTX 3090 Ti.

Developers and content creators can enter the competition, which runs from January 31 to March 3. You can learn more about the competition here. You can also see submissions from the Instant NeRF Sweepstakes here.

You can get started with Instant NeRF by reading the instructions on the GitHub page.

You can view our latest tutorial or watch a live demo to get started with NeRF right away. You can also check out some tips and tricks for a perfect capture.

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