Nvidia Chip Hits $1 Trillion Market Capitalization With Strong Tail Blast from AI – Bloomberg

riceNvidia’s market capitalization reached 1 trillion dollars (about 140 trillion yen) for the first time in the world as a semiconductor manufacturer on the 30th. It looks like it has joined the ranks of a handful of limited companies.

NVIDIA forecast beats expectations, boosting global AI stocks

The company’s stock price rose by more than 7% at one point. US companies include Alphabet Inc., Inc., Apple Inc., and Microsoft Inc. has crossed the $1 trillion mark in market capitalization. Fewer than 10 companies in the world have ever reached this level.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang today announced new products and services related to artificial intelligence (AI). The wide range of new products includes an AI supercomputer called the DGX GH200. CEO Huang explained at the Taipei International Computer Exhibition (COMPUTEX) in Taiwan.


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