NVIDIA July release rumors RTX 40 series, RTX 4090 will be released first?

In relation to the RTX 40 series, which is expected to be released in July, rumors have been confirmed that the RTX 4090 may be released first rather than the initially expected RTX 4080 release.


The news was confirmed through Videocardz and Kopite7kimi’s Twitter, which leaked various rumors before the product was released.

Of course, it is still in the rumor stage, so it is too early to be certain, but unlike the RTX 3080/90 (GA102), the RTX 4090 is an RTX 4080 and AD102/104, and considering that the GPU chips are different, it is a sufficiently probable situation.

Meanwhile, the RTX 40 series is expected to be equipped with an operation unit (FP32 + Int 32) that is 1.5 times larger than the SM unit of the existing RTX 30 series, and is known to be released in July.

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