Nvidia Releases Latest Game Ready Drivers for Diablo IV Open Beta

[테크월드뉴스=김창수 기자] Nvidia announced on the 25th that it will release a new NVIDIA Game Ready Driver for Diablo IV open beta starting on the 25th (Korea time) and support DLSS 2.


The latest Game Ready driver also includes Game Ready optimizations for Cyberpunk 2077’s ray tracing mode overdrive technology preview. In addition, Deive Incorporation DLSS 2 enhanced release, Forza Horizon 5 DLSS 3 update, The Last of Us Part I with DLSS 2 release, and Smalland: Survive with DLSS 2 enhancements. Includes an early access version of Smalland: Survive the Wilds and Resident Evil 4 .

When the Diablo IV open beta begins, GeForce gamers will be able to receive the DLSS 2 performance upgrade. Also, after the release of Diablo IV on June 6, GeForce RTX 40 series gamers will be able to experience faster performance by enabling DLSS 3.

“Smooth gameplay in Diablo IV is a top priority for Blizzard,” said Michael Bukowski, Diablo IV technical director at Blizzard Entertainment. We are excited about the high frame rates of Diablo IV running on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series hardware and DLSS 3.”

Also on April 11th, a preview of Cyberpunk 2077’s ray tracing technology will be released. Overdrive mode is a feature that allows you to experience the magic of full ray tracing, and we are working with CD PROJEKT RED to further improve full ray tracing and optimize performance.

Forza Horizon 5, currently the highest rated racing game on OpenCritic, will receive an update on March 28 to support DLSS 3 and Nvidia Reflex. With DLSS 3 enabled, GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs can break the 120 FPS barrier in 4K with all settings maxed out.

With a DLSS 2 plugin available for Unreal and Unity, and a workbook publicly available on the NVIDIA Developers webpage, you can add DLSS 2 to your game in just one day, giving millions of GeForce RTX gamers a great experience that you can provide This easy integration and huge install base make integration easy for developers, and adoption of DLSS 2 is huge in everything from AAA blockbusters to one-person indie titles.

Game developers continue to use NVIDIA DLSS to improve game performance, and welcome the addition of Diablo IV, Forza Horizon 5 and The Last of Us Part 1 to the list of DLSS games. To date, more than 270 games and applications use NVIDIA DLSS as an AI-powered performance accelerator. The latest version of the technology, DLSS 3, is available in 29 released games and was adopted seven times faster than DLSS 2 in the six months after its release.


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