Nvidia’s surprising performance, a warm wind for Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix

[대한경제=문수아 기자] Expectations for a recovery in the earnings of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have also grown as Nvidia, a semiconductor company that benefits from artificial intelligence (AI), produced good results. Nvidia supplies more than 90% of the semiconductors used for AI development.

According to the industry on the 28th, Nvidia’s recently announced first quarter sales (February-April) were $7.19 billion (about 10 trillion won), exceeding market expectations by about 10%.

Nvidia has significantly increased its sales target for the second quarter by expanding production as demand for AI chips has increased significantly. Nvidia’s sales forecast for the second quarter (May-July) was $11 billion, which is more than 50% higher than the market forecast.

The market reacted quickly to Nvidia’s strong performance and confidence in its future performance. On the 25th, the day after the earnings announcement, Nvidia’s share price closed at $379.80, up 24.37% from the previous trading day. Due to the effect of Nvidia, Samsung Electronics closed at 70,300 won in the stock market on the 26th, up 2.18% from the previous trading day. Since March 29 last year (70,200 won), it has been 14 months since the closing price exceeded 70,000 won. SK Hynix also closed at 109,200 won, up 5.51 percent on the same day. During the market, it increased to 110,500 won and rose to 110,000 won in a year since May 25 last year (110,000 won).

With Nvidia’s good performance, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix’s annual performance forecasts are also improving than before.

Hi Investment & Securities raised its operating profit forecast for Samsung Electronics this year from 11.2 trillion won to 11.9 trillion won in a report on the 26th. In addition, SK Hynix’s operating loss forecast was lowered from 11.7 trillion won to 10.9 trillion won. Orders for memory semiconductors from PC customers and Chinese smartphone makers have been improving since March, and IT set sales and semiconductor orders are expected to increase in earnest after the end of the third quarter.

Song Myeong-seop, a researcher at HI Investment & Securities, predicted, “Right now, almost all of the leading economic indicators have turned up.”

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