NYT editor was described as a Minneapolis-Midwest jibe

NYT editor was described as a Minneapolis-Midwest jibe

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Washington's Deputy Editor of the New York Times woke up controversy by suggesting that Minneapolis should not be considered part of the Midwest.

In a statement to CNN on Tuesday, the NYT says with Jonathan Weisman that he met the executive editor Dean Baquet, and that he "apologized for his recent serious judgment."

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"As a result of his actions, he is discouraged and he will not supervise the teams that cover the Congress further or become active on social media," The Times said.

"Normally we do not discuss personnel matters but we are doing so in Jonathan's case."

Weisman landed in hot water on two occasions, suggesting that Rep Ilhan Omar, and by the extension of Minneapolis, it should not be regarded as part of the Midwest.

"Saying @RashidaTlaib (D-Detroit) and @IlhanMN (D-Minneapolis) from the Midwest are similar to saying that @RepLloydDoggett (D-Austin) is from Texas or is @repjohnlewis (D-Atlanta) from the Deep South. . "

The implication of this is that cities such as Minneapolis and Detroit should not be seen as part of the Midwest, and their cosmopolitan populations should be quite different from the “core” stereotype that is still evident among the East Coast journalists. .

The racial racial tone that implies that the “Midwest” and “Deep South” is basically white, although his example also includes Lloyd Lloyd's Doggett Representative from Texas.

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Weisman subsequently destroyed the tweet and said he had put his point down, but he followed up with another gaffe that caused the horror, when he pointed out that the Justice Democrats were supporting a candidate. want African-American Democracy to be destroyed in the 3rd District of Ohio.

Weisman did this without realizing that the candidate supported by the Democratic Party was black.

I interview with the NYTWeisman said: "I accept God's judgment. I think I have the right to do what he is doing. I put the newspaper on me, and he had to act."


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