NYT runs 3%, receives “vehicle” production in August, up 65%, exports 730,000 units

Reporters reported today (23 September 65) share price Namyong Terminal Public Company Limited or NYT The latest at 2:52 pm, at 3.88 baht, plus 0.12 baht or 3.19%, the highest at 3.94 baht, the lowest at 3.80 baht, with a trading value of 17.24 million baht.

NYT share price, which is expected to be positive as the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) reported that car production in August 65 at 17100,000 units, up 65% year on year and 20% from ‘to compare to the previous month with high growth compared to the previous year from a low base due to the closure in the same period last year. and has increased compared to the previous month Due to the production of new models of passenger cars for domestic sales and the production of pickup trucks and PPVs for domestic sales and increased exports.

Domestic sales of 68,000 vehicles rose 62 percent year-on-year and 7% month-on-month. with high growth compared to the previous year because the base was low since the movement restrictions in the previous year and increased compared to the previous month from the launch of new cars and having more parts in some cars In addition, the domestic economy improved from the tourism, agriculture and employment sectors. people’s income increases

Exports of finished cars reached 730,000 units, up 23% YoY, but down 12% YoY from a low base, while continuing to decline from the previous month. Part of this is expected to be due to Myanmar’s ban on passenger car imports from Thailand at the end of July, while the A currency rate is still high and rising interest rates in the world’s major countries could cause the purchasing power of that consumption to slow.

Nomura Securities Pattanasin said in the analysis that he still recommends NEUTRAL for the automotive group. and predict the trend of production Domestic sales and exports of cars in September 22 have the opportunity to increase from the previous year. from new car production opened the country’s export income The agricultural sector has improved. As a result, people have more car buying power. and has the opportunity to continuously increase compared to the previous month Because in September there are no public holidays.

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