O Se-hoon “Underground delay is a serious crime, refrain from protests”… Jeon Jang-yeon “Seoul City must apologize responsibly”

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Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Park Gyeong-seok, head of the National Coalition for the Elimination of Discrimination against People with Disabilities, shake hands after a meeting at Seoul City Hall on the afternoon of the 2nd. Photo Co-Operative Organisation

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Park Gyeong-seok, the representative of the National Coalition for the Elimination of Discrimination against the Disabled (Jeon Jang-yeon) met on the 2nd after several rounds. The conversation lasted about an hour, but only differences of opinion such as de-institutionalisation were confirmed. It is not clear whether the problem of getting on and off the road to work will be resolved in the future.

The two met at the Seoul City Hall round table around 3:30 pm on the same day and began the meeting with Mayor Oh’s greetings saying, “Welcome.”

Mayor Oh said, “I asked to see you to ask you to refrain from protesting so that there will be no more delays or construction of subways.” “The damage suffered by the citizens of Seoul has now reached the limit of patience,” he said.

Park urged the city of Seoul to make a responsible apology and fulfill its promise. He is asking for an apology for the death of a disabled person due to repeated lift rises and for failing to keep the promise to install lifts in all subway stations. Park said, “This is the result of the state treating the death of a disabled person too insignificantly.”

He insisted that Mayor Oh’s visit to a residential facility for the disabled the day before and comments to the effect that ‘a facility is a choice’ are “a violation of the guidelines of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.” Park’s CEO said, “Accommodation in facilities is a discriminatory practice against people with disabilities.”

He also expressed regret at what Mayor Oh said at the New Year press conference held last month, “I don’t believe that Jeon Jang-yeon is socially disadvantaged.” Rep. Park said, “We shouted for 22 years about the basic right to mobility,” and “Isn’t it a matter of seeing if we are weak or strong? Ask the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, a real powerhouse, to fulfill its national responsibility (to guarantee the rights of the disabled).”

In response, Mayor Oh said, “The operation of the subway was delayed 84 times, but the police cannot properly punish CEO Park and Jeon Yeon-yeon. There is no such strong person in our society.” At the same time, he said, “Stop the protests that delay the subway, where punctuality is life.”

Mayor Oh asked again, “Even if you don’t have to protest in an extreme form anymore, please refrain from (going on and off) as much as you know what (Jeon Jang-yeon) is asking the government and city Seoul and the citizens of Seoul understand it.”

After the interview, which lasted nearly an hour, Park told reporters, “I have not heard a reply (to the request from the city of Seoul). I will summarize the content of today’s conversation and reveal whether there will be a future boarding demonstration at the subway propaganda display on the morning of the 3rd.”

After meeting with Jeon Jeon, Mayor Oh continued to meet with other organizations for the disabled, such as the Parents’ Association for Residential Facilities for the Disabled, to hear their views on deinstitutionalisation. Regarding this, CEO Park said, “I believe there is a way for the Seoul Metropolitan Government to hold a meeting with the United Nations Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities if it is not intended to solve the problem by creating a conflict structure between groups. of people with disabilities.”

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