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Oak and Tony Chom Ung Ing’s speech Post to send hearts to cheer for 2 stars. Fighting.

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Real Oak-Phanthong with Tony Watch Ung Ing Speech at the Pheu Thai Party Meeting Post to send hearts to cheer for 2 stars, fight, fight, people commenting on Instagram

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On October 28, 2021, the Instagram of real oak-panthong Shinawatra posted a message saying: “I’m far away. I would like to send my heart to cheer for 2 hearts. ❤️❤️ #Mae Ing Sung Sung” It is a picture of Oak sitting and listening to her youngest sister, Ms. Paethongtarn Shinawatra, or Ung Ing, chairman of the Pheu Thai Party’s advisor to participation and innovation. Speech at the event where the Pheu Thai Party holds the Annual General Meeting of the Year 2021

The event is organized under the campaign. “Tomorrow for Thailand for the new life of the people” in Khon Kaen province. Oak also sat and listened to his father, Tony or Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. by viewing via computer

For the post, there are a total of 3 images, divided into 1 moving clip and 2 still images, showing Oak and Mr Thaksin sitting and chatting while watching Ung Ing’s speech at the said event. However, the post has a lot of people commenting on it.

As for Ung Ing said during the speech that Thank you for appointing He is the Chair of Engagement and Innovation Advisors. to serve as a connection from generation to generation create more understanding

He saw that the party that represents the people must represent every generation and every age. In the past, I never thought and did not think of it as a politician. But I want the new generation to have the opportunity I think Pheu Thai Party may have a chance to become the main party and solve the country’s crises.

“So he accepted as an advisor to the Pheu Thai Party. He is also connected with his father who is a baby boomer generation. and would like to use his experience to work with the Pheu Thai Party develop with the new generation to have hope make his dreams come true.”

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