Oak Crest Principal is standing in North Dakota | news

First degree primary school in Fargo, ND, announced Tuesday. Liann Hanson, current principal of Oak Crest Elementary, employed them as a new principal.

Hanson, originally from West Fargo, will take up the post on July 1, 2019, following the release of Fargo Public Schools. Hanson finishes the school year in Belle Plaine.

“I love my time at Oak Crest Primary School. He is a great team and student group to work with, ”wrote Hanson to The Herald. “They are now in my family. I will lose all of them. ”

Hanson, who has been employed as a principal by Oak Crest Elementary since July 2011, noted that she had decided to work in Fargo as she would bring her to a larger area with growth opportunities. She also mentioned that the job is closer to her friends and family. Hanson said that she will always remember her experience in Belle Plaine.

“Oak Crest was very popular in my heart. We have taken wonderful memories, improved student education, and worked tirelessly every day, ”wrote Hanson. “I know all the Oak Crest team do for the kids. It was a great honor and pleasure to work with everyone at Oak Crest. ”

In addition to his role as principal of Oak Crest, Hanson served on the Park Board for Plaine Belle city.


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