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Chapter 83OaksThe frame order of (GI, turf 2400m) was announced by JRA on the 19th.

Won the Oka Sho with the 7th popularityStars on EarthIs No. 18 in 8 frames, 2nd in the sameWater NavilleraIs a 2-year-old queen aiming for a comeback from the 1st frame and 4th placeCircle of lifeIs No. 6 in the 3rd frame and won the Tulip ShoNamurEntered the 4th frame 8th.

Here, from the data of the past 10 years, it will be a hint of prediction “Frame order trendWill be analyzed.

◆[Oaks (Yushun Himba) 2022 Prediction / Pedigree Tendency]“Favorite” and “Oana” shining on the big stage in Fuchu “Aptitude to pass on from father to child”

■ Circle of Life’s 3 slots have a 0% concordance rate

The most popular is expectedCircle of lifeEntered3 frames[0-0-2-18]The win rate / consecutive win rate is 0.0%, and the double win rate is 10.0%. Denim and Ruby, which was the most popular in 2013, was in the third place, and only Silk Primadonna in 2000 was the most popular and won.

Also, the second most popular is expectedStars on EarthEntered8 frames[0-1-2-27]Win rate 0.0%, consecutive rate 3.3%, double win rate 10.0%, and this is also not winning. In response to the popularity, only the 3rd place of Admire Miyabi, which was the 2nd most popular in 2017, was involved in the betting ticket, and the other 2 horses related to the betting ticket were Win Marilyn, the 7th most popular 2nd place in 20 years, 15 years. The 6th most popular 3rd place Kurminal and the less popular are running well.

Top winning percentage2 framesTo,Art houseWhenRouge EvailleEntered. Daring Tact (1 popular) in 2020, Sinhalite (1 popular) in 2016, and Isho Mambo (9 popular) in 2013 won the championship from the same frame, but all three horses were horse racing from behind. Until now, the art house in the same frame has only raced in front of the eyes, and I’m worried that the leading field has not been involved in the betting ticket from the same frame in the past 10 years.

With the same 3 wins as 2 slots, the top consecutive rate5 framesToErika VitaWhenLove PillowEntered. Horses that were recommended to be within the third most popular in the last 10 years were always involved in betting tickets. Please be careful if 5 horses are recommended to be within the 3rd most popular on the day.

◆[Oaks (Yushun Himba) 2022 Forecast / Popularity Trend]The most popular win rate is 50%, and the win rate is “double digit”.

◆[Oaks (Yushun Himba) 2022 / Leg quality tendency]Pay attention to the “position” of the Oka Sho horse.

◆[Oaks (Yushun Himba) 2022 / Previous run Rote]Warning to Circle of Life and Namur “Oka Sho 4th place or less …”

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