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Obesity Metabolic Surgery Society,’Surgeon catching obesity’ campaign

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-Distribution of infographic with information on the risk of severe obesity disease and obesity metabolic surgery treatment for World Obesity Day

-Developing a campaign to improve disease awareness among the public using various contents such as YouTube and radio

The Korean Society for Obesity Metabolism Surgery (Chairman Soo-min Ahn, hereinafter referred to as the Obesity Metabolic Surgery Association) announced that it will launch a’Surgeon catching obesity’ campaign from March to improve awareness of highly obesity and obesity-type diabetic diseases.

On March 4, the’Surgeon Campaign to Catch Obesity’ provides correct information on obesity metabolic surgery on March 4, and spreads awareness of the disease that high obesity is a disease that requires medical treatment. It was prepared to inform the need for surgical treatment.

In the campaign, an infographic poster containing the risk of severe obesity and treatment information for obesity metabolic surgery will be produced and distributed to hospitals and certified doctors certified by obesity metabolic surgery institutions. The infographic poster contains information related to surgical treatment that patients with high obesity are curious about, such as the effectiveness and safety of obesity metabolic surgery, and the relief of the economic burden of applying health insurance benefits, along with the risk of developing comorbid diseases of high obesity and obesity-type diabetes.

In particular, through this campaign, he emphasized that obesity metabolic surgery is the best option, not the last resort for weight loss. Since January 2019, the application of health insurance benefits for the treatment of severe obesity and obesity-type diabetes has been prepared, and the financial burden on patients has greatly decreased. Expected lifetime medical cost per person for severe obesity is 16,394,886 won for a lifetime if non-surgical treatment is performed, whereas obesity metabolic surgery is a one-time operation and only requires about 20% of the cost of surgery.

Previously, as part of the campaign, the Korean Society of Obesity Metabolism Surgery organized a video content of’A surgeon catching obesity’ that medical staff directly explain disease information and treatment management for severe obesity, and formed the YouTube and the Korean Society of Obesity Metabolic Surgery website. Has been published in. Along with this, a public radio campaign was held through TBS Radio Traffic Broadcasting (FM radio 95.1MHz) from 12:28 pm for a month from March 1 to the public to improve awareness of diseases of severe obesity and the need for treatment. We are continuing various activities to improve awareness.

Ahn Soo-min, president of the Korean Society of Obesity Metabolic Surgery, said, “The obesity metabolic surgery is the only treatment for high obesity and is a treatment method for improving the quality of life and prolonging life, not simply correcting the body shape, but the need for treatment and the awareness of obesity metabolic surgery are low. The actual situation” explained, “Through this campaign, a treatment environment in which more publics can understand the risk of severe obesity and the importance of surgical treatment, and patients suffering from high obesity can more actively receive counseling about surgical treatment. I look forward to this as an opportunity to build the company.”

High obesity is a disease that requires medical treatment because it can increase the risk of developing metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as diseases caused by overweight such as osteoarthritis and back pain. The Korean Society of Obesity Metabolic Surgery stipulates that obesity metabolic surgery is the only treatment for weight loss and maintenance of weight loss in highly obese patients, and is effective in improving comorbid diseases such as type 2 diabetes in highly obese patients. In addition, the obesity metabolic surgery is performed by a certified surgeon through laparoscopic surgery, allowing a safe and quick return to daily life.

In the case of obesity metabolism surgery, health insurance benefits were applied from January 1, 2019 in Korea. △ Body mass index (BMI) is 35kg/m2Or above, or △Body mass index 30kg/m2 Above and accompanied by a comorbid disease*, the body mass index is 27.5kg/m2 In the case of type 2 diabetic patients** who have abnormalities and cannot control their blood sugar, insurance benefits may be applied.

* Metabolic-related complications such as hypertension, hypoventilation, sleep apnea, joint disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver, gastroesophageal reflux disease, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, asthma, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, and brain tumor

**Selection for gastric sleeve resection and non-resected Louwai type anastomotic gastric bypass graft for type 2 diabetic patients with 27.5kg/m² ≤ BMI ≤ 30kg/m² whose blood sugar cannot be controlled even with existing medical treatment and lifestyle improvement. Salary, 80% co-payment rate


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