O’Brien “A strong ROK-US alliance will send a message to North Korea”

Indirect warning of possible North Korean provocation when the US regime changes next year
Who became president, predicts that a professional transformation will take place


[아시아경제 뉴욕=백종민 특파원] White House National Security Council (NSC) adviser Robert O’Brien indirectly warned of the anticipated North Korean provocations before and after the inauguration of the next US government.

Adviser O’Brien made this announcement at a conference call with reporters during his visit to Vietnam and the Philippines on the 22nd (local time).

He asked questions about the possibility of North Korea’s launching missiles and other provocations before and after the inauguration of the next US government, and whether the ROK-US alliance responded, “Whatever happens on January 20th next year, the strong ROK-US alliance , Regardless of who is the President of the United States, it will deliver a strong message to North Korea.”

This is interpreted as suggesting that there is a possibility that the ROK and the United States will take a strong response if North Korea uses a regime changer to engage in some form of provocation.

Adviser O’Brien also emphasized that “I am in regular contact with the Blue House Countpart, and thousands of US troops are stationed in Korea.”

He then recalled that he stayed at the Metropole Hotel, which was used as a communion dinner between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump during his visit to Vietnam. There was no” he claimed.

He did not forget to highlight President Trump’s achievements, saying that the “top-down” diplomacy between President Trump and Chairman Kim was the result.

When asked, “Aren’t allies concerned about the delay in the handover process for Joe Biden,” said Aide O’Brien, “if the court does not make a decision in favor of President Trump, there will be a turnaround. It will be a professional turnaround.” Mentioned. This presented a court ruling as a condition for taking over the regime.

Adviser O’Brien previously mentioned that Biden is likely to win, and in this case, a professional turnaround will take place.

“We are a state of the law and the president has all the rights he can do as a citizen of the United States. If the court decides, we will go from there.” Adviser O’Brien argued that “we are not concerned about such issues (of delayed transition) and the other countries have not raised any concerns.”

New York = correspondent Baek Jong-min [email protected]



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